3 thoughts on “The Apothecary – Coming Soon

  1. Hi Joanne, at this time I don’t offer on-line workshops or rituals, as you are the first to ask! Thank you so much for showing an interest. I offer a lot of information on how I walk my own journey both here on my website and via youtube. I hope it can offer you some guidance on your own journey. Is there anything in particular you are looking for? I have two people in this world I trust to recommend in Toronto, but I’m not all that familiar with the online workshop community. I wish I could offer you more guidance!


  2. Hello beautiful soul…. for Full Moon rituals, Sage Goddess on YT has beautiful free live group ones. They are also all recorded as playlists on YT. She does guided meditations for different purposes. They are very different from what I do, but I can recommend them. She is a beautiful soul. For new moon rituals I have links above to the two main types of rituals I do and there are details on how you can try them. I am busy job hunting right now so I can’t really split my focus too much, but I hope to put something in place for next year to offer custom rituals for my global Spirit Tribe. If you are still interested in working with me at that time, I am always here 🙂 You can also check with local metaphysical and even yoga studios as they often have group meditations as well. My practice is very much that of a Shakti Shaman, which means the rituals hold elements of my heritage and with the Shakti (Green Tara) energy it’s about touch love, so my rites for myself and those I have done for others are about doing the work internally, owning your choices and actions that lead to the situation (for I have learned that we all have to take part if not full ownership of the situations we are in) and I would always recommend seeking spiritual or healers who will encourage you to own your power and strength. I am not sure if any of this is helpful, but Sage Goddess Full Moon rituals might be a great place to start. Namaste Joanne


  3. I can also recommend Inner Goddess Circle, Ara is an empowering and beautiful soul who offers many online services. I have been following her page on fb for years and find it a safe and happy place to be 🙂 I have not attended or taken her online courses, because I have been practicing for over 40 years and have my own path set, but I would recommend anything she is offering!


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