The Rituals

MY SACRED PATH – Rituals allow you to walk my journey with me, and are shared in perfect trust.

The Journey Begins…

Thank you for visiting with me on my path.  Please take what will aid you on your own journey and leave a blessing or two behind, for those who came before us.   You can enter here in perfect trust and perfect love, for I mean not to convert anyone to my way of thinking, but merely share with you some of the knowledge I have gained.  Please, take from it as you wish. I sincerely hope that those who follow the Wiccan, Shamanic or other Pagan paths will recognize the similarities of the earth based cultures around the world, and embrace the differences and the knowledge it may impart. You will notice that in all things I start in the North – for that is the mother’s womb, where all things begin.  I also join the mysteries of the dark moon in my magic weaving for within her, transformation occurs, and all magic is born.  These are the teachings of my ancestors that I honour and follow.  As you will see, I do not take my path lightly.  There will be no spells to gain money or manipulate love.  There will be spells to honour the seasons, the moon cycles, daily rites and healing.  There can be joy  on this path as well, which I share on ‘Community’ posts, but not here, this is the space for reverence. ~ Blessings Be, from a seventh generation island pagan.

 My Inspiration from the Goddess….The Dream…

Come Little One, let me show you in this dream the life within you.  The source of power you hold yet untapped.  A gift from the creator as a reminder of the life force within you.  The Goddess within you all.  The elements of air and fire, earth and water combine with star dust to create the primordial pools of life that is your existence.  Now, I come to you to awaken the knowledge of this power.  I offer you now their secrets.  But you most come to me of your freewill.   Sleep now – and awaken as the Goddess that you are.  I will know if you have accepted your path and will come to you when the time is right for your dedication to the elemental forces to begin.

My gifts to You….

Listen, for the Goddess calls to those who tend the path of the ancients and guard the secrets of the Oldways.  She speaks through these pages, and she lives within us all.  Within these pages, I offer you my personal book of spells and rites. Some call it a Book of Shadows, I call it my Book of Passages. For each rite marks the passage of the seasons, and each spell a passage within my life.  Here, I offer you not just the rhyme of my rites and spells, but their reason.  May you find the meaning in the words that you speak, and feel the power that this knowledge can bring.  In perfect love and in perfect trust, I share these now with you.  Some rituals will be by invitation only, as trust develops between us, permissions will be granted.

Re-Creating My Rites & Spells…

As the works of others have inspired me, it is my hope that the SpellCrafting I offer will inspire you.  How you interpret the difference between a Ritual & Spell will be unique to you.  It will not be wrong, for the difference is simply felt within.  Within my path, Rituals are Blessings that are repeated with the cycle of the moons or the seasons, while a Spell marks a specific milestones along my spiritual life path.  Regardless of which I am performing, I always start with creating my spell, collecting my material and a blessing.

Should you choose to use my efforts as written, I have set up the rites & spells in their entirety to allow you to feel the flow of the passages uninterrupted. However, each rite and spell is followed with “Passage Guides” which explains the significance of the actions you take and how they relate to the words that are spoken.  Knowledge is power.  Understanding the connection will give you the confidence to complete the act and speak the words of power written here, or create an interpretation that is felt within yourself.

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