The Healer

Healing posts provide information on Ayurveda, Reiki and Healing Rituals.

It is my personal belief that all pagan paths are rooted in energy and spirit.  What goes into ritual, is what you get back.  The first step in preparing should be your own temple.  Fitness levels and health issues can and do affect your energy and ability to manifest to the fullest extent that you hope.  But we all struggle with issues surrounding this.  I have found my studies in Ayurveda and my Reiki Master levels to be as much a part of my spiritual practice as calling on the elements and the Creator.  I honour them first, by honouring the life they have given me, in perfect health, or at least on the road to it 😉

Not your average Pagan Side 😉

In these posts I will share concepts and principles of Ayurveda, Reiki and other systems of energy healing, as well as how you can add fitness into your life in a spiritual way.  For legal reasons I add, I am not a medical doctor, and before participating or trying any ideas presented here, I will always defer you to your family doctor and/or Licensed Holistic Practioneer.  What follows is simply my journey, should it inspire you along your own, I am humbled and grateful that I shared.

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