The Moon

Know her, for she governs us.  I work with both the energies of Full Moon and Dark (or New) Moon, meditations and rituals using pujas and crystals to connect to Her phases will be shared as the tides dictate 😉  Many of these will be new rituals based on workshops I hope to create.  This section will include research on the energies that accompany each moon based on Her position within the year, and Her cycle within the month.

5 thoughts on “The Moon

    • Hi Joanne, I hope you got my response I posted to your question under Workshops & Rituals, at this time I don’t, but please feel free to see what information on my website might be helpful, much of it is part of any local workshops I do conduct as well. My Kalash puja has modified since this conception, but that’s the beauty of shamanic paths 🙂 they are very organic in nature and instinct driven. I do have a video discussion this on my YT channel under the playlist witching off-book. I do plan on doing more videos on the Kalash working with the Rose of Jerico, but this time of the year I concentrate more on ancestral and inner-personal healing. What are you looking for? If I can recommend someone, I will be happy to, but most of my go-tos are local but I believe might do teachings online or in the States at festivals.


    • Hi Joanne, Thank you very much for your interest in the Moon rituals. It means so much that you wish to journey together. Please stay posted to my YT channel as I will be doing an end of year giveaway of a Mni Kalash New Moon Tea Ceremony which I think you might enjoy. I am still gaging interest in these workshops but will email you with any updates if they are going forward :). As it will take time, I have already begun working on the 2018 new meditation/ritual series for New Moon Kalash Totem Medicine. They will include a minimum of two videos, one on the totem animal and one on the ritual itself, with ritual kits which will be available for purchase through the website. I am very excited about sharing this journey with you! I am finally opening a test store on the website in 2017 where I will share tinctures, elixirs, oil infusions and incense blends that are a part of my actual practice, so it will be small and limited supplies. For now, I wish you a great weekend and extend many blessings to you and yours, from me and mine. Namaste Kayla Alyssa


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