The Intent

This website is a continuation of my first website created for Shakti-Shamanism and will take some time to create, but on this day, I plant the seeds. I thank all those who visited me over the years on my original site, and hope that you find me here in perfect love and perfect trust.

“As the seers of ancient India discovered, a spiritual journey is maintained through a Body-Mind Connection.  As a healer in the ancient arts of Ayurveda and Reiki, and a hereditary island ‘shaman’, I have created this blog to work in conjunction with my spiritual and healing websites. Here I will share my personal journey, and include posts for rituals that I have created to cleanse the body, clear the mind, and connect with spirit.

My journey is infused with the mosaic of my heritage and starts with the ancient spiritual practices of India and Tibet, and will expand to include my Active Maternal hereditary influences (Afro-Caribbean/Native Island American), my Spiritual Soul Hereditary (Central/South America) and my Studied Paternal heritage (Indo-European Scottish Druidic).  All paths are ‘Shamanic’ in nature and call to the Shakti-Shaman (Warrior-Healer) within me.

My first teacher was my Maternal Grandmother, hereafter referred to with love and honour as Mama.  Her teaching combined with my own studies resulted in a path I refer to as Shakti-Shamanism. This spiritual practice combines aspects of Buddism, folk Tibetan Hinduism, Druidic elements and Shaman/Rootwork of the Caribbean/Central-South America, with a little something special, heritage.

All nations around the world hold spiritual practices centered on nature based healing, and rituals. These are the pagans of our ancestry, the foundation for today.

I invite you in perfect trust to journey with me along my Pagan Paths.

Namaste ~ Shakti-Shaman, the Fireside Witch
Toronto, ON

18 thoughts on “The Intent

    • Namaste 🙂 I love your site as well, and the name you chose for it! It took decades for me to finally start sharing my rites, but it’s part of a promise made to my Grands, and my soul contract, so here it is 🙂 In time, I may do videos or for some of my rituals ‘online live’ rites, but that is far in the future as yet. Waiting to see how spirit guides me 🙂 – Namaste, and welcome to my journey! I look forward to sharing yours as well!

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      • My spirit guides have definitely tested me, especially as they have put me through some frustrating situations as of late. I had a ritual performed on video, was just about finished editing it to post on my YouTube channel, when my computer crashed. They prevented from doing something I truly love (film!), but hey, everything happens for a reason. Right? 🙂

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  1. 🤗🤗 just found your youtube channel & site❣ so grateful for being guided to your insight & wisdom, soul sister❣ 🤗🤗 💖💞💖💞💓💗💓💖

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    • brightest welcome! i am humbled and honoured that you are interested in sharing my journey with me! I look forward to learning about your journey! in balance of light and dark, 💖


  2. Merry morn and blessings! I have no idea how I ended up here but here I am! Don’t wanna leave without knowing how to get back! Last thing I know for sure is that I was on facebook!! Wow… I need coffee!! So if I leave here how so I get back dear?? Thank you, sister Janet

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    • Namaste Sister Janet 🙂 What a great comment filled with energy! I’m glad you stumbled upon my journey! To find me again, on the bottom of the website there are follow buttons which will send you notifications of future posts 🙂 I do have a page on facebook, but it’s not as active as my YouTube and website 🙂 Hope you stop by again 🙂 Blessed be. Kayla


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