Akashic Records

Akashic Records


All posts providing resource material will be accompanied by this image.


The post covered under the category of “Akashic Records” are resource posts.  Within these posts you will find information on various pagan paths,  and methodology for conducting rituals or utilizing healing modalities based on my Spiritual Path.  In essence, it is the ‘Library’ for my site.

I wish to restate that I am a hereditary Skahti-Shaman classified as an Eclectic Pagan.  My way is not the only way.  Posts relating to Hinduism, Egyptian, Druid or Vodou Paths (etc.) are simply based on my  interpretation of these paths – how they have inspired me.  My interpretation is mine, and I have no interest in debates, only learning and sharing.  I do encourage any seekers to continue their research.  If something I have posted resonates with you, seek out organizations that follow that path and gain more knowledge from them.  When available, I will include websites/blogs that may assist you further on your journey.

Generally, books, CDs DVDs, and other Blog Sites utilized to complete specific posts will be referenced in those posts.  You will at times see “see Akashic Records for additional information”.  This means I have completed an additional post to provide information on that specific item or topic. Please note, I am not always aware of the origins of photos/images used. If the details were provided, I will include links or credit on the posts.


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