An Introduction to my Ancestor’s Feast – Samhain

FEAST OF THE ANCESTORS: Being of mixed ancestry I have created a ‘Samhain’ or Feast of the Ancestors Rite that combined the Hindu ancestral observance of Pitru/Pitri Paksha with aspects of my other spiritual lineage to call to and bless all that came before … Continue reading

Ancestor’s Feast Ritual – Samhain

  The Shakti Shaman Ancestor’s Feast Rite: The following is my personal Feast of the Ancestor’s rite, it combines elements of the Pitri/Pitru Paksha, the Hindu ancestral observance in the fall, and utilizes island shamanic portal and spirit work. to … Continue reading

Full Moon : Beauty Within Ritual

Before proceeding with the ritual, please read the intro and intention page found at: Full Moon Beauty Within Introduction LUNA (TRUTH IN BEAUTY) FULL MOON BATH RITE I call to spirit – lay spirit line with white sea salt To … Continue reading

Full Moon : Beauty Within : Intro

 AUG 8-12 Full Moon Celebrate The Truth in Beauty! Each Full Moon brings revelation and opportunity for healing body, mind and soul.   She is a pitcher that pours out a healing elixir, we just raise our cups to receive. S.Nelson : … Continue reading