Black Moon Creations : Death & Rebirth

WOMB OF TRANSFORMATION  & INTEGRATION: Death and Rebirth within the Mother’s Womb. This ritual works with a salve created from the shamanic transformational powers of White Water Lily, the energy found within the Monsoon rains and the inner workings of … Continue reading

Connecting with Botanical Tribes

THE WEB OF SPIRITUAL CONNECTION   I was asked by a fellow urban shamanic-witch, how do I connect with the plant kingdoms when I live in the city. Here is one answer to that question. As many of you know, … Continue reading

Thought-Word-Deed: The Shakti Energies

“It is believed that both male and female energy is required to create change in the universe. Shakti Energy is the primordial female energy, which brings manifestation to the male energy (‘thought’). The thought to heal is considered passive, and … Continue reading