The Equinox : A Time Between Time

As the energy towards the shift from summer to winter begins, I spent this weekend embracing the Equinox. What does it mean to me? Many things!  An no, you won’t find pumpkin spice latte listed among them!

Fall is a time I feel most alive. I believe it’s because it is a time/season of liminal existence. It is when we can see the physical transition of seasons manifesting and feel that call to change within ourselves.  A shifting of perception within us.

It’s not surprising that it’s the harvest season.  As most witches, shamans, Animist and those of similar paths do, our spiritual journey tends to follow the flow of the energies of the earth herself.   It’s the intake of breath, before the final exhale. The fall is the between time.  The plants have completed their growth and are ready to harvest.  As our ancestors did, and those lucky enough to have gardens continue to do, we take inventory.  Take stock of our harvest.  This is all liminal space and time.

This year I was called to birth a new Skull Spirit melt.  Twilight.  Twilight captures that energy of fall and winter.  When the nights begin to dominate our world and our workings.  Our perceptions turn inward. Twilight holds the scents of bonfires drifting across a forest as the sun sets and night exposes the stars previously hidden from our view.  As these Skull Spirits are Awakened in your melt pot they too will expose a cosmic world against the darkness of ‘night’.  Allowing you to either reach out to the ancestors, or spirits beyond our realm, or within, to the shadows of our own mind and soul.  To be guided by the lights that dance in the melt pot to the parts of our spirit that needs healing, help, love or departure.  To find the harvest within us awaiting use, or to acknowledge the broken parts that need repair, and the rotten parts we need to compost!

But there is more to this liminal time.  The call to transition, to change. I feel my soul DNA shift to other forms within me, and those ancient traits become mine again. Perhaps it’s because I was born into liminal space, behind the veil, that it feels like home. But for now I sigh in contentment as the seasons (fall & winter) of this witch begins to come alive.

How do you celebrate the Equinox?  I would love to know what traditions you follow, and what traditions you embrace.

As always by beautiful tribe, my coven, embrace the dark to find the light, and live in balance.

Namaste & Blessed Be,



2 thoughts on “The Equinox : A Time Between Time

  1. Hello beautiful!
    Nice to see you pop up in my mail today! I love the cooling down of Fall. The Equinox, for me, was mostly candles and thoughts. I’m putting up a Shadow altar as I work through some things, and then I’m on the hunt for my ancestor pictures, etc. for another altar. We have moved and so much is still packed away as we wait for our dream home.
    Love your Skull melts!


    • Hi Shelley!!! 😀 XO So glad to see you too! The Shadow altars are so important, I hope you get the guidance you need. Congratulations on the move! Though it sounds like you’re in transition still? Just like the season 😀


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