Giving Back Giveaway – In Support of Grief


(please read previous post for additional background on this giveaway)  I choose to do this giveaway for Mother’s Day, because there are many women who I know who have lost children, due to illness, accidents, or even more tragically… in the womb. There are also women like me, who grieve with every last bleed we have, as we travel toward cronedom, never having carried a child for so many reasons, but who actually wanted to be mothers.

But there is so many additional ways that grief can touch your life. I know. I have experienced many of them personally.

For some, as we venture into shadow work, we find ourselves grieving the unexpected. The loss of a childhood, of innocence. The loss of a parent not through death, but through actions that contradict what a parent should be.

As many who have journeyed with me from the beginning know, I was raised in a multi-level abusive home. From the age of six I was standing in front of my mother and older sister, to protect them from harm. The child within me hiding in the shadows safe from harm as the warrior-healer (Shakti-shaman) stepped into a role no six year old should have had to. I grieve for that child, and that lost innocence. I grieve for a mother who was not strong enough to walk away. Not strong enough to protect her children. And I grieve for the essence of an unconditional love that would have born me a child of my own, that I could do right by. I grieve for the distance our childhood put between me and my sister, and the resulting distance she put between me and her children.

There are many types of grief in this world. So it is no surprise that I work with my Kindred of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms to create Tribes to aid me in healing. I offer their healing to you now.

This healing spirit tribe provides open arms to hold you, and strength to share with you as you move through the process. But the key is movement through… you will emerge on the other side of this experience, whole and strong. It is not a quick fix, for there truly is no fix, it is a continued process. This tribe and I, support you through it.
Please note, an incense, oil, tea etc., are spiritual tools that offers support during times of grief, it cannot replace professional help.

This beautiful spirit tribe opens its arms to you, and helps you find your strength within. Please allow the medicine and spirit of the plants to speak for me. Share our words and energy as we come together in prayer, to heal.

Additional support is provided through my Root Chakra protection oil to aid you in creating a barrier of protection to feel safe within, that your healing journey may begin. I will also be including with the giveaway my ‘Goddess Rising AM Warrior Tea blend’. I know that when you journey through grief, facing the morning can be tough; this tea blend gives you emotional support and a little extra power up to face your day with an open heart.

On IG: Please tag a friend you would like to be entered for the giveaway. If they wish to be entered as well, please say “me too” in the comment section. Please note, the person you tag does NOT have to follow me. This is about healing and giving back, not about numbers.  The deadline will be Friday, April 27th, and the name will be selected the morning of the 28th. I understand that Mother’s Day varies in different countries, but I have selected to work with the date here in Canada, which is Sunday, May 13th. I truly wanted this to be a global offering, but due to shipping cost, I have had to restrict it (this time) to Canada and the US. Please note the winner will be responsible for any customs fees (etc.) on their end, should any apply.

1oz Root Chakra Protection and Grounding Oil
1oz In Support of Grief Heart Chakra Oil
1oz In Support of Grief Glycerite Syrup
A Crystal Support Team
Tea Sampler1 : In Support of Grief to work with the Glycerite
Tea Sampler2 : Goddess Rising, AM Warrior Blend containing Cacao Nibs for heart opening, and Chaga and Ashwaghanda, both adaptogens, to aid in emotional support as the main tribal members. Additional botanicals provide support.

You will also receive a parchment with “Your Healing Tribe”, outlining the main healing botanicals supporting you, the crystals and tarot card supporting that botanical in the creation of this healing series. It will briefly outline the healing aspects of the plant and my prayer to the Plant Spirit. I recommend beginning your journey offering these prayers to your Healing Tribe to make this process a Mind Body and Soul journey.

If you have any questions about the giveaway, please DM me on IG @lotus_moon_creations. I wish I could offer this to everyone, but every offering of healing makes a difference and brings me closer to my calling, and honouring of my grandmother and our lineage.

As always, embrace the dark to find your light, and live in balance.
Your Shakti Shaman, Kayla B

3 thoughts on “Giving Back Giveaway – In Support of Grief

  1. hi snowpea, this is stacey (peach schist) i used to watch and comment on your beautiful videos on youtube. i was thinking about you today and just wanted to thank you for being a cornerstone in the beginning of my path, whether you realize it or not; and a soul sister. the example you set for me was exactly what i needed and i hope i still carry out the impression you left on me.
    i set an intent to find my teachers at the end of last year and found them in the spring and am realizing my power. though the death and rebirth process has been eh :/ your youtube account i notice has lost a few videos : O but an apothecary how exciting!

    glad to touch base with you,


    • Hi Stacey! I missed a few messages! And what an amazing message to hear. I am glad that the work that I shared in the community helped you. I did delete all but three of my YT videos. This year I created a new blog to add more details to my current IG account. It’s really simple life stuff, with a little hint to ritual and in time more reveals on the store, but it is on vacation for a few years while I get official certifications in place. My spiritual practice is quite basic, I recommend following Larissa on IG, she still continues to inspire me all the time 🙂 I see you left another message, thank you! I wish you and yours so much of all the good things in life for 2019. I remain in service, even if not publicly, your Shakti Shaman. Kayla


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