Update : Been a while!

Blessed New Moon beautiful spirit tribe. I know it has been a few moons since I have posted, but as many of you know, there is a lot going on right now. In addition to a full-time job, I am spiritually and ritually working with members of my kindred (animal, mineral and botanical) bringing together tribes for healing, manifestation, journeying and more to share with you through a global online store this fall.

It is time to make true on a promise, and share a lineage that ends with me. You are my legacy, you are my tribe. And I am humbled and honoured to bring my workings over the past 30 years.

The goal is for it to open on Labour Day weekend here in Canada, but I will aim for September 1st, as many of my workings deal with spirit journeys to all the realms. While I encourage you to work with shadows and spirits, and most definitely your ancestors all year, I know many of you feel that pull mainly in the fall season of your hemisphere.

Each month, I hope to do a “Giving Back” Give away. How does this work? Instead of entering for yourself, you will actually be entering someone else you believe could benefit from the offerings. These will mainly be the ‘Healing’ tribal giveaways.

There will be additional giveaways for you to enter individually, never fear, but I hope you will understand the importance of the Giving Back series of giveaways.

Giveaways may be done via:
IG (@lotus-moon-creations),
YT (www.youtube.com/c/shaktishaman)
or via this website, so I recommend setting notifications on all three, so you don’t miss out!

The first will just in time for Mother’s Day, and it is the “In Support of Grief” series. Please stay tuned for my next post outlining the broader scope of the concept of Grief. How it can be a personal journey on what some may see as a ‘concept’ but is all too real, and of course the Grief of losing someone you love.

As always, embrace the dark, to find your light, and live in balance.

Kayla B, your Shakti Shaman

IG: @lotus-moon-creations
IG: @fireside_witch

2 thoughts on “Update : Been a while!

  1. What a wonderful post to wake up to this morning! I’m truly excited for you and your store opening at Summer’s end. Loving the “giving back” giveaway.
    Much love and New Moon Blessings to you. Looking forward, always, to what you have to share with us. ❤


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