New Moon in Capricorn – Gateway to the Eclipse Opens 01.16.18 – Words of Wisdom from Ara, TheGoddessCircle.Net

More beautiful wisdom from Ara, TheGoddessCircle.Net, interspersed with some personal insights and sharings from me (in red) 🙂


The New Moon is occurring in Capricorn at 26 degrees on January 16 at 9:17 PM ET

This New Moon marks the opening of the Eclipse gateway. The Eclipse occurs in 2 weeks, but this sparks the opening of the energy which surrounds the Eclipse cycle and begins the powerful portal of transformation that occurs during the Eclipses. Pay attention to your energy as well as what you plant this New Moon, as what you focus on is supercharged and can manifest quickly.

Capricorn asks us to look at the structure and plans we are making in relation to our goals. Now is the time to sit down and make a map to follow on the way to your dreams.

This is a powerful time of creation and this energy can bring a very dedicated energy when it comes to what we are creating especially during the Eclipse season. Capricorn is an Earth sign and this affords us  a deep, rich soil to plant our seeds for the future with solid foundations beneath it.

[I now have both of my crystal Kalashes up. I will be rededicating the one I have been working with for a the past few years, and will be setting up and dedicating the new one that relates specifically to health issues this New Moon and working with the Planetary Alignment Puja and the energies of all the beautiful lunar gifts over the next few months to build energy and intention into their structures. – SS]

This New Moon is showing us a glimpse into the past, most specifically where we need to heal past ties in order to heal, release and move forward. This can be in past belief, relationships or even in family ties.

These can be all the places where we are afraid of making the same mistakes we did in the past.

[I am in constant struggle with this. I find the only person sometimes who can defeat me is myself. Rallying against the abuse or oppression of others, and finding my fire and strength is not an issue. But when I fail myself, it hits harder. I never lose faith in others, but it can be very easy to lose faith in yourself.   This is yet another aspect of shadow work most don’t consider.  When we fail ourselves, a part of us retreats, just as if we were suffering from, or hiding from any negative experience.  I have to work within the darkness of the New Moon, and definitely work with the opening of the Eclipse Portal to enter that deepest part within me, for a little release and reintegration.  This is one of the ways I work with the Cradle of Rebirth Ammonite salve.  – SS]

This can be all the places where we have been made to believe that we need to keep doing something that no longer works. There is no such thing as mistakes only lessons. By constantly fearing we will make a mistake, we become frozen and stop living altogether.

[Tied very much to my insert above, this is true. It almost can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you fear you will fail yet again, you will. Breaking this mind pattern, and restricting it has become one of my goals for this year. – SS]

This energy is also showing us where we are hiding still from feelings and situations. What are you avoiding? Where are you swallowing what you really want to avoid in confrontation? Capricorn gifts to us the ability to have some hard and much needed conversations.”

[for me, these are conversations with myself more than anyone else – SS]

Final Notes from me:

In addition to the deep workings listed above, I will also be resonating the energy of new beginnings into the ‘body temple’ (glass vessels) which will be holding future herbal infusions for both magical and healing brews. The “temple bodies” will be surrounded by light and sound (for the glass I work with my Tibetan Singing Bowl as I find it brings the vibrations of the glass into alignment beautifully).

These two elements together (light and sound) speak to the ‘big bang’ of creation. Based on my DNA Activation and reading I had completed over 15 years ago, it was determined that my soul sources from the bang and resonate with the seed sounds of creation. When working with New Moon energy, I call through my Source Chakra to that moment in time of my own creation to help propel me forward with my goals in life, spiritual workings and healings.. It’s so odd to have to write them as separate aspects using the written word, when they are all truly one and the same.

I will also be charging the herbs I will be working with to create new incense cones, supplies are dwindling.    The blessings and infusion of new beginnings will kiss the herbs awake, they will be created over the next week and the drumming process will begin. They will receive their final blessings under the Blue Moon.

So there is much to be done, for all of us I am sure! Would love to hear your plans for this New Moon.

Much love and blessings, and as always, may the ancestors guide you well, as you travel through the darkness ofthe luar energy to find your light, and balance.

Kayla B, your Shakti Shaman

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