Happy New Year

Such a beautiful wish shared by a beautiful soul! A true beauty along the road of life, thankful for our journey together in 2017 and looking forward to 2018!

The Beauty Along the Road

May your glass always be at least half full.

May it be filled with nourishment when you are thirsty,
something refreshing when you are hot,
something warming when you are cold.

May you give what you don’t need to another.
May your sharing transform
plain water into sparkling wine.

May you raise your glass in celebration,
or mark your quiet times and solitude,
and sacred time with those you love.

May you discover mystery and enchantment
in the etchings of your glass.
May something new grow from within.

May you find strength and courage
to seek a fresh spring,
when your glass runs dry.

May you treasure your one glass.
May you clean and polish it
to sparkle for each new filling.

May your glass always be at least half full
even when it’s already half empty.

Happy New Year!

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