Black Moon Creations : Death & Rebirth

Death and Rebirth within the Mother’s Womb.


This ritual works with a salve created from the shamanic transformational powers of White Water Lily, the energy found within the Monsoon rains and the inner workings of the “Self” carried with care within the Ancient Ammonite.

Finding a name for members of my spiritual tribe (I can’t call them products!) has been difficult, as it is very true that names/labels can limit. I hope the ritual of intention setting, provided below, does a decent job explaining all the deep ways you can journey with this Spirit Tribe, which I have named: The Grandmothers’ Womb of Transformation and Integration. This working holds the energy of the Tower Card in Tarot, Shadow Work and Soul Retrieval.

With respect to Tarot path working, the journey begins with a conscious throw down of the  Tower Card’s energy. This is your moment to stand up, stand your ground and to state your intention to break down what does not serve you. To own that right to tear down, the walls that hold you back, the energies wasted on misguided choices (jobs, hobbies, people!), and claiming the power to destroy so you can recreate. It is about surrendering to a ‘death’ of what no longer serves you, and rebuilding a new, and allowing the highest vibrations of the first monsoon rains (considered a gift from spirit) to replenish you spiritually, mentally, physically, energetically… so that the energy released from the throw down, can now be used to rebuild your existence in a new direction.

But the journey can go deeper into exploring your inner well, your shadow-scape. Not for what you suppress, but for what you have hidden away that now needs to come to light to aid you in your workings. There are many of us who down play who we are, so that others may shine brighter. It is time to realize that we do them, and us a disservice with these actions. Dig deep behind the walls you have build to hide your own powerful truths, and allow yourself access to these wonders. Bring them up through your inner wellspring and be nourished. This is the monsoon rains saturating the grounds, so that the seeds of potential held deep within you, have no choice but to sprout and grow!

And finally, it can also be a shadow journey for soul retrieval. For those, like myself, who experienced years of abuse growing up, or have experienced traumas in anyway throughout your life, I believe that we hide away aspects of ourselves to protect them. The inner child we wish to protect from abuse, the maiden we wish to shield from sexual assault, the mother who is berated and abused by a lover or partner, or boss, the crone who is abandoned by family and society. This just touches on the surface of all that we may face. If you have experience with shadow work of this nature, then you know that slowly, in time, you create a safe haven to slowly bring forth that aspect of yourself for reintegration. You may need to work through many walls within your spiral to do so. I see each as a door, and I slowly bring my aspects through each door. It is a process, allow the trust to build, do not rush the process, and always seek professional help if needed.

So yes, as you can see, this working, has so many inner journey options for us all. I am very excited about the process, and about the journey I get to take (and hopefully some of you will as well) when it is all completed.

In all things, energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, you have to make the choice of what you wish to transform. In this way, you do give death to dreams, traits, walls you have built, that the energy may go forth toward something far better. May you Manifest the Impossible this year, and OWN IT!

Much love, Kayla B
Your Shakti Shaman

[all ritual workings © Kayla Baboolal 2017]

Grandmothers of the Deep, the well of self.
I seek your council and blessings as we gather in communion this night.
As we come together through ritual, heartbeats in sync, vibrations high.
with energy and intention that you may dance together as one tribe
to aid your children as they journey deep within the core of their being.

Grandmother white lily, you call to the shaman within us,
The energy to transform and traverse the other worlds,
Allow them to travel that spiral within,
Moving beyond the walls of their own making
To the hidden chambers within their shadows
That they may find the aspects within themselves
To be whole again.
To heal again.

Mitti Attar, bring forth the monsoon rains of
transformation, healing, renewal, and abundance,
That their souls be replenished and fueled
To transform the energies found within
And to integrate these anew
Towards their goals, dreams and soul purpose,
As they journey back through their
Inner well to the waking world.

(drum intention and harmony within the tribe)

May this offering be blessed with your energies,
to help your children of the earth-walk journey their own inner labyrinth,
and emerge whole.

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