Black Moon Creations : Dream Walker Ritual

The journey continues on from my last post on working with plant spirit tribes.
Now that you understand how I bring my kindred together, I wanted to share with you a few workings that I have already begun to capture the energies of the Black Moon Month of February.

A Black Moon month can occur in one of 3 ways, but only two I follow and will therefore share! One such instance occurred in the fall of 2016 where there were 2 New Moons in one Month. It can also occur in a month where there is NO full moon! As is the case this February!


During this month, I have two very spiritual workings planned. I have been sitting with the spirit teacher tribes since December 21st and wish to share with you a very personal journey. As I will be providing a very small sampling on a pop-up store in April, I felt it was important that you experience the prayers of intentions that were set. A video is scheduled for release today as well, so please check it out on YT!

The intention of the workings for the Dream Walker is to aid in going deeper with your journeys external to yourself. To reach the ancestors, the Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, Star Nations, and so much more. It is for seeking council, guidance and obtaining wisdom external to yourself. The post which will follow on the 5th, is about the internal journey.

I hope you feel the connection, as I do, with these intentions and with these spirit tribes.

Namaste and Blessed Be,
Kayla B

Forever, Your Shakti Shaman

[all rituals and workings are (c) Kayla Baboolal 2017]

Grandmothers, and Grandfathers of the Dream Time,
I seek your council and blessings as we gather in communion this night.
As we come together through ritual, heartbeats in sync, vibrations high.
with energy and intention that you may dance together as one tribe
in healing and dreaming within this tincture, infusion and herbal blend,
to help your children of the earth-walk journey to the dream-time,
and bring forth the wisdom needed to manifest their world into existence.

Intention by Root, Herbs & Resins:

Grandmother, you call to the shaman within us,
The energy to transform and traverse the other worlds,
Please open the portals of dreamtime
That we may walk along the shores of the other realms.

As we walk along the sands of time,
Your sisters beckon us to leave the shores
and journey deeper within the dream realms,
We enter the waters that created you, that created us all.
The primordial call to the instinct within us.
Laying back we surrender and allow you to carry us
Along the rivers of time and space
to the destinations we seek.

For here upon new shores, we feel the medicine of the grandfathers of dreams:
And we state our petition:

Grandfathers, I respect your council for,
Your energy runs deep within the earth.
Your roots wandering and searching as it journeys within,
Your vines reaching and climbing, as it journeys without,
As too, our souls runs deep into the other worlds, the dream times,
wondering and searching for answers and guidance.
We beseech you to aid us on this journey to the other realms,
That we may gather the wisdom, knowledge and council
Of our ancestors, the halls of wisdom, our kindred of land, air and sea
Of the star nations, celestial worlds and our spiritual covens.

Drum heart beats of all the tribal members into sync till candle is almost done:

I give thanks for the time you have shared with me,
As I prepare these workings for my global family.
May we dream together a world
That will manifest peace, healing and good health and abundance for all.
Namaste and Blessed Be.

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