Connecting with Botanical Tribes



(c) Kayla Baboolal 2017


I was asked by a fellow urban shamanic-witch, how do I connect with the plant kingdoms when I live in the city. Here is one answer to that question.

As many of you know, I am a fan of many of Carl Jung’s theories. From the Shadow Self to the Collective Unconscious. I take this a step further, for I believe as we begin to awaken to spirituality, we become part of a spiritual consciousness. Some of us are raised within this mindset, but many have the beautiful experience of awakening on their own.

At first it may present itself to some as an unconscious connection. Coming through in dreams, astral projection, dream walking, remote viewing, automatic writing, in so many different ways. Eventually it may develop as one of the many spiritual sensory skills; clairsentient, clairaudient clairvoyant etc., or as simply but effectively as a keen intuition. Think about how you choose crystals, books, friends! Finally, we begin to acknowledge and embrace , consciously, this spiritual web.

It is through this web that I connect with not just my kindred of the animal spirits, but also that of the crystal and botanical (among other ;D) kingdoms.

This post will be focusing on the botanical kingdom, for they are so often overlooked.
I have done previous posts, and videos on connecting with our kindred of the plant kingdoms, but I wanted to share another way of doing so here.

When I work with my tinctures, healing-spiritual workings, I work with my kindred one on one. I have already established a connection with them, and can begin ritual creation of healing works. (I will add a link to a video sharing my tincture creation process below)

But there are a few other ways that I work with the kindred, and I would like to share two of them here. Both result in what I refer to as a Plant Spirit Tribe for either spiritual-healing, or healing-spiritual work.

First let me quickly explain that. I have found that when creating healing tinctures, that the spiritual aspect of the botanical will show itself, if needed. And vice=versa, when creating spiritual workings. So if the dominant working is for healing, I refer to my creations as healing-spiritual, and if the dominant work is spiritual, spiritual-healing. Balance will always be found. Hawthorn taught me this very valuable lesson. Now, back on point..

The first process is when members of the botanical kingdoms (plus) connect with me on the spiritual web with a message for workings they wish me to complete. When you open yourself to connections with the kindred, the spirits of all that live around you, they can read your vibrations along the spiritual web, and provide you with answers to questions that you may not have consciously known to ask. This may present itself in different ways for different people. For me, it is a physical push to get up, and what may appear as instinctively collect herbs, resins, etc. in the formulation of a workings. But I know it’s not me that’s guiding the process. It’s a clairsentient thing for me. All my senses are engaged by messages from the spirit world of the plant kingdom, often joined in for intense workings with the mineral and animal spirits, to bring together what I refer to as a tribe. There is little ritual, it is just done. Afterward, I sit with the makings and give thanks for their guidance.

The second way, is when I consciously have a spiritual/healing goal in mind, and wish to bring together members of different botanical families to aid me in my workings. In this case, there is definitely ritual involved. As is my way. When I do this, the process can take some time. Generally there is one herb, which will be the tribal leader, and yes I am serious about this, so no Survivor jokes. Seriously. I will first connect with this botanical through the spiritual web, state my intentions and then repeat this for each member of what I hope will be the final tribe. I then sit with them all together, both in their physical presence (in their raw state) and along the spiritual web. I light a candle and state my petition in the real world. As the candle melts down, I drum our energies into sync. Before the candle is extinguished, I give thanks.

This is what I have been doing since December 21st through to today, December 31st of 2017 in preparation for the three months of workings for the Blue, Black and Blue moons of 2018!

In my next videos, scheduled for release on January 3rd and 5th, I will be sharing with you the prayers of intentions and the process for both of my Black Moon workings. The Dream Walker Tribe and the Womb of Transformation and Integration. Now that the tribes are established, the actual brewing of the magaicks will happen in the Black Moon month of February.

The blue moon workings is way too long, as it involves the full Green Tara Puja and a triple infusion of the process over the three months, but I will share photos of the process on IG with you! I am also keeping a video journal of different stages, and if it works the way I hope, will have it up sometime in April so you can see the journey taken!

I hope you find inspiration in how I respect and connect with the kindred (animal, mineral and botanical) . I would love to her how you make connections as I am always open to learning and trying new ways to connect spiritually with my world.

I look forward to our journey together this year! May the ancestors continue to guide us well, as we embrace the dark, to find our light, and live in balance.

Namaste, and Blessed be. Love always.

Kayla B, your Shakti Shaman

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