2018 Just do it! Done! – Herbal Academy

2018 is my year to #justdoit! so I DID!

I am now enrolled in the Intro program at Herbal Academy.


Although I have been trained my whole life in herbal workings by my grandmother, mom, self-studies and received formal training in Ayurveda from the CAISH institute, I thought it was time to make my Herbal Studies official as I prepare to obtain my certification in Herbalism with the hopes of advancing  what I can offer through my future online store.

Yes, much of it might be second nature, but as much of my training  was self taught by family and myself, there are most likely things we missed along the way, so I am excited to take the journey from the beginning. Besides, no one should every feel they know it all, because honestly, we simply don’t, and I can’t wait to learn what still needs to be known!  Or correct what I may have been doing wrong! eek! lol.

Going back to basics and looking forward to taking you along with me on the journey both here and on IG! @Shakti_shaman

Below is my current books related to my herbal studies.  There have been many others over the years. Some are still in boxes in mom’s basement, others were discarded as the information does start to replicate. They don’t include my energy, chakra or yoga related books, just those related to Herbal studies. They have a huge list of books recommended, but funds are tight, so I provided them with my list of current books, as well as three I plan to purchase (not necessarily from their list) and am waiting to hear back if I should be good to go!

Seriously excited! I am and will always be a nerdy-geek, so I am very much looking forward to getting my study on 😉

Hope you also took a bold step into 2018! Intentions are set, now it’s time to do what we can to manifest our dreams!!

Much love,

Always and forever, your Shakti-Shaman

11 thoughts on “2018 Just do it! Done! – Herbal Academy

  1. Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! So proud of you!!! I will be taking a look at the list of books!! My friend Missy and I are also studying herbs, we are not taking a certification course since we learned it’s not needed where we live. Wishing you the best of luck!! OMG!! I am so happy for you!!!!


    • Thank you Jenn! I really appreciate the encouragement you always give me! If you ever can take a program I do recommend it. I’ve been studying my whole life, but I’m learning what I have forgotten and what I didn’t know I was missing! It’s been great! I just finished my first unit and test, 96%, so things are going well!


    • Hi there, and thank you! I am sorry I missed your comment! It has definitely been a great journey so far. Intense, but that’s perfect! It’s clear Herbal Academy takes their teaching seriously, and I can appreciate that! I hope your New Year and New Moon have brought wonderful new beginnings for you as well!

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  2. Ooh, I have some of those books on my book shelves as well. I, too, signed up for a 9-month herbalism class starting in March. Very excited about it. Like you, I’ve been learning about herbs for decades but the impetus for this more formal study came with my husband’s sickness this year. Western Medicine was able to diagnose but had nothing to offer except painkillers. A medical herbalist cured him! Good health is the overriding factor that determines everything else in our lives; so very important to tend to it and become more knowledgeable about preserving it.


    • I’ve learned so much just in the first unit! The problem with western meds, is they only extract the active chemicals, while the herb, or plant etc have contra-chemicals that help balance out any side effects. They exist in harmony within the plant and it’s parts! Who are you doing your studies with? I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

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  3. Congratulations!! I have also been studying about herbs and will continue to do this in the year ahead. I may be checking out your book list, also. 😉
    I love that people are wanting to learn more on how we can treat ourselves with what mother nature provides.
    Full steam ahead, ladies!


    • I’m really excited about it. I’ve already learned important missing aspects of my life long study, and I don’t regret it at all! Full steam ahead … absolutely!! Happy New Year beautiful!


    • Aweee 🙂 I love reading comments like this! Welcome to the tribe Kristen! I look forward to journeying with you! Are you also taking a herbal study program? If yes, who did you go with? – Happy Blue Moon – Blood Moon – Eclipse! Kayla


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