2016 Caterpillar – 2017 Cocoon – 2018 Butterfly!!! – My year to #justdoit!!

When I first saw this on Pinterest it was a total moment of connect.


2016 was a brutal year. It felt like every step forward resulted in two moves back. Like I was dragging myself through the year. This caterpillar was fighting an uphill battle walking on glass in the rain! Lol! One example, of sadly many, I acquired a new job, for which I commuted five hours each day. After passing probation, I started searching for a closer place to live. A few months later, I signed a lease and moved in. Shortly after that…. I was laid off. Yup! With a one year lease looming.

I was so excited when the clock hit midnight and we rang in 2017, only to quickly realize that 2016 was just preparing me for a harder year ahead in 2017.

Fortunately, I few new opportunities presented itself in the new year. Unfortunately, due to apartment issues and recurring health issue brought on by the chemicals used in the work I lived out of boxes and on antibiotics for way too many months to make this holistic healer happy. The events of the year essentially forced me to hermit (cocoon) far longer than I normally would and it both financially, emotionally and practically put me way behind on the plans I had for courses I wanted to take, the store I had planned to open (and still do) and so much more. It forced a lot more shadow work and self-realization than I was also prepared for.

I am determined to shed all that in 2018 and set myself free in this coming year.
Let my wings open,  and fly.
This is my year to say #bringit !
This is my year to #justdoit !

Thank you all for walking this journey with me.

I can’t wait to see what emerges for us all in 2018!

May the ancestors guide us well!
Namaste, Blessed Be and Aho!

Kayla B ~ Shakti Shaman

2 thoughts on “2016 Caterpillar – 2017 Cocoon – 2018 Butterfly!!! – My year to #justdoit!!

  1. Happy New Year! This is my year to be braver, stronger and healthier.
    We are planning a move to our forever home, in a new state, hopefully in Spring
    I’m excited to be moving forward in such a huge way.
    I’m also looking forward to the opening of your store!
    Blessings and Love~


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