I am so thrilled to share with you an excerpt from the third and final story within our Yule Anthology: Elves, Spells and Christmas Bells, written by the creative force behind this endeavour, Larissa! Her story draws you in by painting a magical and mystical setting that definitely engaged all my senses from the start. You can see the story unfold like a dream, and it reads just as well! – ENJOY!


Photo via Pinterest : Artist Unknown


The last rays of light had tipped over the horizon, leaving the sky the deep, faceted blue of a sapphire.
Dimly, Odette heard the guides explaining that the path led on a 1-mile scenic loop with the stargazing lookout point about halfway through the loop. She paid no mind to the bustling crowd as they moved down the path in chattering groups.
The moon is a lover, her mother would say as she drew damp fingers through the reflecting pool at night. Capricious and mysterious and wild. But eternal. She holds the lights of those who came before. One day she will hold our lights as well. And so we follow her call. Odette tipped her head back to that beckoning sky, opened her arms and let her spirit soar upwards into the moon hanging in its silver circle above her. It sang to her, ruffled her hair and reached into her veins as if her blood was so much ocean water, surging with the tides. This is why they call it lunacy, she realized, delirious with joy. She wanted to sing. She wanted to howl. She wanted to enjoy the moon-drunk reeling of her senses, the clarion bell of the moon song, the sultry heartbeat of the earth. She wanted-
She wanted to stop acting like a lunatic, Odette thought sheepishly She lowered her arms and glanced around self-consciously. No one was around, the clearing still and quiet. Judging by the distant peals of laughter, the rest of the group had meandered farther down the trail. Even Aksel was nowhere to be found. If Odette had to guess, she would venture he had gone to look at the stars through the telescope at the observatory point.
The squeak and crunch of the snow were familiar beneath her feet. She cupped her hands around the cider, letting the warmth seep beneath her thin gloves. Predictably, as soon as the cold air hit her face, her throat began to ache, and her nose began to run. Sniffling, she brought the cup of cider to her face and breathed in the scent of apples and honey, brandy and cardamom and just a hint of saffron. Then she took a sip, eyes widening in surprise. If nothing else, Valencia had been right about the cider, she thought grudgingly. The ache in her throat faded to almost nothing under the soothing touch of honey and spice.


Larissa Coleman lives in a desert city where thorns outnumber the people. She loves it: the wildness, the vastness, the inescapable heat. She reads stories, collects stories and tells stories. Rarely without a book, pen, or camera in hand. Some days she wants to write the great American novel. Some days she wants to study snow leopards in Nepal. She prefers mountains over beaches, sunrise over midnight, and rum over tequila. Her first novel, featuring a farm run by witches, a psychotic goat, magical flowers and a dead body, is set to be complete in 2018.

“There is a fable and the fable is this: all stories are true stories.” – Larissa Coleman

You can currently find Larissa on IG and YT under The Bards Lament, but new accounts and adventures still await in 2018 which will focus on her writing and photography (which is stunning!). I will be updating this page as more details become available.

Larissa first came to my attention on YouTube where her wisdom, and approach to her spiritual path and crafting just makes my heart and soul sing! The link below will take you to her introductory video for her three day contribution to the #rewitchingyule challenge, inspired by the Yule Anthology: Elves, Spells and Christmas Bells.

IG: @thebardslament
YT: The Bards Lament

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