I am so thrilled to share with you an excerpt from the second story within our Yule Anthology: Elves, Spells and Christmas Bells, written by Donna! It shares a journey of healing and reclaiming of life and love! – Embrace the journey!


Photo image (c) Kayla Baboolal 2017

“Well, in my personal experience,” Bella pulled a golden dish with a grate across the coffee table as she spoke, “Spirit has a habit of leading people to me to help them finish work they’ve already started in some way on their own. May I ask,” She had continued working, placing a black disc in the center of it before trying to light it, “what is it specifically that has you thinking about this?”

Not sure where to begin, Carol hesitated before she heard herself blurt out the details of her husband’s health and passing then Sophia accident. While Carol talked she watched as Bella pulled various jars from a shelf under the coffee table and place some herbs in a thick bowl and others in a dainty, flowered tea cup resting in a saucer. She poured out her heart as Bella poured hot water from a ceramic tea pot that had been resting on a dish holding a lit tea candle. She described the accident, the days that followed, the years of pain and sorrow and always feeling she was partly to blame. Bella handed her the tea cup with bits of herbs that had begun to plump from the water as Carol finished portraying the last two days decorating the house and the mixed feelings she experienced when thinking about it.

“It sounds like you’ve been doing some work already. The Shamanic journey can be your next step. Here I can provide you some tools through tea and incense and set the atmosphere, but you’ll be in full control. I’m only be here to guide you, help you.You’ll journey and do as much as work as you desire which means I cannot offer any promises of completion, only you can decide that. Does that make sense.”

Carol nodded, “I think so.”

“Just as you had a choice to keep all those decorations and deal with the emotions that came with that decision you can choose how deep within you want to go, how deep within you want to walk.”

Bella had picked up the thick bowl a layer of herbs on the bottom and begun crushing them with what looked like a tiny club made from the same material as the thick bowl. “If you walk away it will wait for you whenever you are ready to try again, just as it’s been waiting for you all these years.”

Carol nodded, this time in understanding. Bella tipped her head towards the teacup in Carol’s hand, forcing Carol’s attention to it. She looked at the light brown liquid speckled with green, orange, yellow and dark brown from the herbs, feeling its warmth as she cupped it with both her hands. It smelled like citrus and cinnamon and she wondered if it was going to be spicy. She hated pumpkin spice flavors. Bringing the cup to her lips, she tried to be open minded as the cinnamon entered her senses once again.

“Mmm,” she couldn’t contain her surprise and pleasure as smooth vanilla with a hint of sweet tang and only a faint cinnamon flavor flowed over her tongue. “This is really good,” she nearly whispered before taking another sip while watching Bella pinch the crushed remnants in the thick bowl and drop it onto the gold bowl. Smoke rose in a thick plume, swirling, rotating, creating a channel in its center that held Carol’s attention. She absentmindedly took another sip from her cup, watching Bella gracefully reach for another pinch of crushed herbs then release them over the ash disc. Her mind slowly becoming void of thought as she watched the dust of herbs slowly float from Bella’s fingers and land on the disc followed by a pause before the turning to smoke. The smoke rising again, thick and swirling, creating another channel in the center while wisps twirled outwards from the outer edges before turning back and connecting to the upward spiral. She leaned back in the overstuffed chair and took a deep breath, aware of the growing woodsy and musty scent as she continued to stare at the movement, at the dance, at the wisps that seemed to beckon her into the channel in the center. Over and over again, the floating herbs, the plume of swirling smoke, the beckoning wisps reaching further and this time she focused on it, following its journey back to the rising swirl, around, and into the center; her body relaxing and feeling wrapped in warmth and comfort and strength as she let go.

Donna is a self-proclaimed spiritual Soul happily existing in a strong woman’s body, married to an equally powerful man who is the co-creator of their personal universe. She’s a healer by both trade and calling but she fuels and heals herself through creative outlets such as writing, quilting, and making pottery. She’s always believed in magic. Even when she thought she didn’t believe she wasn’t fully committed to her disbelief, constantly aware of her connections to spirits, mediumship, and premonitions.

Donna is also a gifted Tarot reader. “ I just want to help others find clarity, empowerment, healing, and spiritual expansion. I’ve been called an Old Soul my entire life, wise beyond my years, connecting to Spirit and divining wisdom for Self and others without realizing it.  I use tarot because it’s a tangible object to an abstract concept, but the connection is still real; there’s a calmness, a peace that comes with these sorts of messages that can’t be explained, only be experienced… …and, it’s the experience that I seek for me or another when I throw down the cards. “ Her Etsy shop is linked below.

The 12 days of #rewitchingyule challenge continues with Donna on her YouTube channel, which also provides great tarot insights, and spiritual/magical workings to heal body, mind and soul.

IG: @embracethemoontarot
YT: Embracing the Moon

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