I am so thrilled to share with you an excerpt from the first story within our Yule Anthology: Elves, Spells and Christmas Bells, written by the youngest member of our Book Tribe! Her story is filled with tarot spreads, séances, haunting, but mostly love! Well, in my humble opinion 😉

Enjoy the read! (I did!!!)


Much gratitude is extended to The Wild Unknown Tarot for their generous permission to work with their cards for our book cover and promotions!


Fred stalked down the servant’s stairwell to avoid his cousins. Every time they’d seen him, they snickered and laughed. No doubt they’d made him the butt of some joke, and he simply wasn’t in the mood. The cook had given him toast and leftover kippers earlier, but he was utterly starving this morning. He peered around a corner into the kitchen. After making sure it was deserted, he crept in and took one of the apples on the table that was waiting to be made into a tarte. He paused at the doorway that lead down to the cellar, the apple halfway to his mouth. Had Maggie really seen a man down there? Was it possible? His curiosity overwhelmed his better judgement.

Fred slowly descended the rickety stairs and peered into the darkness, one hand on the railing, ready to bolt back up to safety at a moment’s notice.

“Hello?” he called out softly. “Anybody there?”

He saw nothing, but tasted the dust on his tongue. His eyes had started to adjust to the darkness by this point, and he could make out the black shapes of the shelves that lined the dirt walls. And, to his growing horror, the shape of something standing in the dead center of the room. It was vaguely man-shaped, more shadow than person, all blurry and unsure lines. It didn’t move. He blinked, and it was still there.

“H-hello?” Fred stammered. Fear was beginning to creep up, pressing against his throat. “W-who’s there?”

Slowly, ever so painfully slowly, he watched the shadow fade away without a word. He stood there for a moment after it had gone, trying to figure out why his brain was screaming that something was off when the strong smell of cigar smoke flooded his nostrils.


Grace Bolland is a college freshman, indie artist, tarot reader, proud feminist, and fledgling witch. And, of course, a writer. She self-published her first novel “Pandora’s Box and Other Problems” (link below) at the tender age of thirteen and her first novella, “The Real McCoy” at age fourteen.  One of her goals is to get around to editing and publishing the many short stories she’s written in the years since. You can find her adventures with tarot and magic on Instagram as @amodernunicorn.

Grace is also often found co-hosting with her mother on YouTube’s Thrifty Mystic, where you can find her three day contribution to the #rewitchingyule challenge, inspired by the Yule Anthology: Elves, Spells and Christmas Bells.

IG: @amodernunicorn

To explore Grace’s earlier writings, please follow the link below: s-Other-Problems-Anna-Bolland- ebook/dp/B00DJXCL66/ref=tmm_ kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8& qid=&sr=

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