Elves, Spells and Christmas Bells!

Hi everyone!!

So it’s been a while since I posted! I had a lot planned for this time of year, as you know it is my favorite for so many reasons, especially for journeying and healing, but, something exciting happened that I was lucky enough to be a part of, and which I can now update you all on!



Three wonderful, and talented women came together to create three amazing stories for the season. Each has a magickal aspect to it!

As you hopefully will remember, last year I wrote a decidedly pagan version of T’was the Night Before Christmas, aptly named, T’was the Night Before Solstice. The book starts off with yet another version of my T’was the Night Before Solstice!! Seems to be an annual thing for me to rewrite that poem! I also got to take all the photos for the promotion and the book cover!! Yup, that’s it above! What do you think?!  We were so blessed to receive permission from the beautiful Rosy Aronson, the creatrix of the Wisdom Keeper Oracle, as well as the Wild Unknown Tarot (so amazing for my shamanic path!!) to work with their cards for the cover images!

Because I can’t resist, I will add an excerpt from the three main stories each day beginning tomorrow, leading up to the Winter Solstice and the release of the book on Amazon.com!

We also extended a challenge on both IG and YouTube to inspire others, as we were each inspired ourselves!!!…The challenge centers on: #REWITCHINGYULE ! Rituals, and witchy crafting ideas, and insightful tarot spreads all inspired by the stories to add a twist to the season.

I did create a playlist so you can follow along! The four of us each had three of the days, and they started with me! On Day 1 I shared a ritual I created with a gingerbread house as the focus! It can be used for manifesting or for healing. They journey is yours! Day 2 I shared my first guided meditation with you all. I have always wanted to do these, and hope to make them a more regular part of my channel! Day 3 I shared a story I wrote based on my own ritual that carries through from the Fall Equinox to the Winter Solstice. Both the ritual and ‘story’ (can you call it a story when it’s a retelling of an actual part of your practice… hmmm. Not sure what to call it!) are inspired by my grandmother’s shamanic/animist influence in my life, and the First Nations Peoples who were the original custodians to these lands, and who’s ways should be honoured and nourished.

I have included the days completed by my book tribe: Gracie, Donna and Larrisa, as well! So please follow along with their channels as they have great videos too! When I share each of their stories over the next three days, I will also add in their additional social media details, so each talented young lady gets highlighted! For now, here’s the play list!

I sincerely hope you are all having an amazing holiday season and are looking forward to 2018 as much as I am! I have many ritual creations planned to fully soak up the lunar power house that begins the year!

For now, may the ancestors celebrate in your joys this season, comfort you through any tears, and guide you well as you embrace the darkness to find your light, and live in balance.

Much love!!!

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