Daughters of the Moon


Spirit Crafted by Kayla Baboolal (c) 2017
Photo via Pinterest, Artist Unknown

Her energy touches me, even in sleep.
I feel her, as she stroke my face with beams of light, seen and unseen,
And my third eye awakens.

I fill my lungs with the scent of her,
The Jasmines that bloom and dance for her deep within the night.
And my heart awakens.

I hear the howl of sister wolf echo across the skies,
I move towards it, the call of spirit, with no fear in sight.
And my voice awakens.

I feel the pull of my monthly tides,
The heartbeat of the earth calling to her daughter’s womb, and it is right.
And my soul awakens.

I am a daughter of the moon.
Through all the phases of my life, Her cycles are mine.
And the call to the sisterhood awakens.

For she has taught us to shine within her light.
And to claim our right to the mysteries within the dark.
And we find that we are whole,
For consciousness has awakened.

Dedicated to my sisters in spirit.
Shakti Shaman

5 thoughts on “Daughters of the Moon

    • Giggles, Hi Auntie J! I agree, I come across many posts online and some don’t even have a “like” button and so many I wish I could hit “love”! I’m glad you “loved” it 🙂 I will forever be a child of the night, and feel her presence, even when she is out of sight. xo


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