Once Upon a Time.. I found TheTruthInStory

Every once in a while someone reaches out to me, and my life changes in beautiful ways for the experience.

Many of you are part of the Tarot Community, of which, I am admitted not. But every once in a while, I come across a YT channel that speaks to me.

The Barbs Lament, Patrick Folgerty/In the 78 cards, and most recently, the beautiful Kelly from The Truth In Story.

Kelly does a lot for her community, including the creation of theme month spreads where she takes the Tarot Community through a soul searching adventure. I would call her, the Shaman of the Painted Pictures  While I do support her, and follow her, I do not necessarily participate in the spread challenges for two reasons. One, I don’t use the cards for divination, but for ritual, and to speak for the ancestors or shadows, and two; I am just to private a person to share readings in this way. I find those who do incredibly brave and I admire their willingness to open up and be so vulnerable. I guess the warrior part of my warrior-healer aspect just isn’t ready to be quite so open, that is until she posted this…..


It was love at first sight! Lol! I automatically collected my two journey decks and let the story unfold….


Once upon a time a young woman came across a deserted cabin within the woods. Curious, she tentatively knocked, and as the wind caught the door and pushed it open, she took this as a sign to enter. The cabin was bare of furniture, except for a small kitchen table which held a small groupings of seeds. Unsure what they were for, she took the seeds home. Carefully, with prayers and intention, she planted all the seeds in separate pots and placed them in her garden
Every day, the woman would journey into her garden, and check on her seedlings. She would bring water if the rains had not been plentiful and would speak to the taller trees that surrounded her charges, asking permission to trim back their branches that her little ones may receive the nourishing sun light needed to grow. In the winter she would bring the pots inside until they were strong enough to continue their growth tucked in under fallen leaves and heavy snows. All the while she would consult her books and learn more about the different plants, and trees she had acquired. In time, her new kindred of the earth were strong and healthy, fueled by magickal prayers, and a mother’s loving touch.

A gentle calling grew out of her care and communion with her new plant spirit tribe. They taught her their gifts of healing and magicks in return for her love and support, and with their encouragement she began to work with them in fulfilling this quest to share their energy in these ancient, yet new ways, with others.

Her companions taught her ways to work with their medicine that she would never see in any books. They quelled her nervousness about going “off book” and encouraged her to take this knowledge forward into her community. To trust her instinct and to trust them.

True to her path, the woman journeyed for guidance and was presented with a challenge, a shadow to face. She was afraid that her gifts would not be received, that her teachings would not be acknowledged as correct, as they were not what one would read in a book, but stemmed from the knowledge she gained as she forged a relationship with these plant spirits. She sat in communion with her spirit tribe; animals, ancestors and plants, and they held her in a supportive circle encouraging her to move forward with her desire to heal and share the gifts from the earth.

Picking up her computer, she contacted her favorite and trusted metaphysical store, and booked a room to conduct her first public workshop. It was still a few months away, but as she stepped out into her garden, she knew she held all the tools she needed, right here, to carry her dream forward.

The End… oh wait.. and she lived happily ever after 

Part two will follow… the feeding of the cards and the energy it carries forward as I manifest this reading through Rose and Blackthorn.

As always, thank you so much for journeying with me. I hope , if you don’t already do so, you will check out the channels below and their relevant IG feeds!

The Barbs Lament
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeW3x82JMK9ipJxre7aeZvQ
IG: @thebardslament

Patrick Folgerty/In the 78 cards,
YT: http://www.youtube.com/patrickjfogarty
IG: @patrickfogarty

Kelly from The Truth In Story.
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJIs9uUvYViLclFlTSmI8EA
IG: @thetruthinstory, #intothewildwoods

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