An Invitation to the Feast


Spirit Crafted by Kayla Baboolal
In honour of my Ancestors of Blood, Spirit, Land and Path.

The table is set, the veil is thinned, the candles light the way,
Welcome home, spirits of old, I offer a place to stay.
A cup I fill with hearty mead, apples cloves and spice,
To warm your soul and give you strength, a little taste of life

I sit in quite contemplation to listen to your songs,
The wisdom of the ages, that I now must carry on.
Through my deeds it will be done, a legacy is born.
But know that when it’s time to leave, your spirit I will mourn.

As you travel through the veil, a gift with you I send,
For the love that binds us one to one, will never ever end.
Journey safe sweet spirits, till the feast comes around and then,
Merry Meet and Merry Part, till we meet again.

XO Namaste OX

10 thoughts on “An Invitation to the Feast

    • Hi Angel, thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Sorry for the delay in approving the reblog! Hope you have been having a great New Year and New Moon celebrations!

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