Sometimes I get lonely

Sharing a little Community Love:

Below is a beautiful post found on: It speaks to how the energies of the world affect us and ultimately our workings. I wanted to share both it and my response to the beautiful Ka, here. with you all.

Dearest Ka:
Aloha soul sister, it’s hard, isn’t it… especially for empathics. I feel like the world is out of balance and it has me thinking on a new way at looking at shadow work this year…

I have always believed in a collective sub consciousness and consciousness for that matter. But I’ve come to realize it runs more in-depth than that. While we have our individual shadows, just as we have a collective sub/consciousness, there is also a collective shadow consciousness that we are all facing and we have to make a choice whether to feed into it or help it dissipate. I like your thoughts of going back to that moment of clarity, that moment of peace, finding the power you held within that time and bringing it forward.

I am not a “love and light” will heal the world person, I know there is darkness, hatred and fear, and more…. I’ve lived it, and still do. I’ve also believe that certain types of baneful workings, and entities will simply feed on the light you send it, lick it’s lips and say “more please”. These are my ancestral teachings and personal experiences. For this reason, my grandmother taught me to learn and understand the baneful side of healing and magicks not to mimic it, but to understand how to defeat it. The more I live the more I understand this lesson she was imparting to me.

I always knew and respected that it didn’t mean fight hexing with hexing, but understanding the root of the hex or negative workings to better understand it’s weakness and how to combat it, as a Light Warrior.

The world is facing so much hatred right now. It’s fracturing.. you can even feel it within the pagan community as racism is weeding it’s way in. What is at the root of it, only the individual who are sending this energy out can know. It is their individual shadows to heal through. Sadly, they are not choosing to do this and it is poisoning the communities that are connected through the energy web of life itself.

Your post has provided a starting point. We need to rebalance the energies. In this instance, I do believe that working with lighter energies will help… it doesn’t mean (and I HATE this term, I find it unfair and derogatory..) being a fluffy bunny, but being a LIGHTWARRIOR.

To that end, I step with you sister, into the shared energy of the web (both electronic and earth based, soul based) to walk in harmony, and in peace. Don’t counter fear with fear, hatred with hatred. My shadow workings this year will include a tribal shadow working, to look more deeply into how we can begin to heal as a tribe.

Thank you for reminding us that we do have an impact on each other. Let us chose to make that a positive one.

Namaste and Blessed and Mehalo sweet sister.

Kayla Baboolal – Jaguar Spirit

Fiesta Estrellas

Sometimes I get lonely, and I just realized it’s because it’s a natural response for me to disconnect from the “pain body” of the world. During tragedy, such as the recent event in Las Vegas, it’s a natural response for me that I acquired over time, to remove my shared energy field from that of the world. It’s self-protective, and it often works, but then the walls come down and I remember: here’s where I want to be, and maybe where I often, too, am; when I am more aware of it. This is from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Peace is Every Step.

Cookie of Childhood

“When I was four years old, my mother used to bring me a cookie every time she came home from the market. I always went to the front yard and took my time eating it, sometimes half an hour or forty-five minutes for one cookie…

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes I get lonely

  1. having just come back from Vegas I can tell you that at the locals are still talking about what happened, there is still an ongoing investigation, word on the street from cab drivers and others is about a 2nd shooter. There were many conventions taking place this past week, some at Mandalay Bay, it’s quite different when you walk into this building. With so many people coming and going it’s easy to see why no one gave it a second thought about the man bringing in things.


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