The Veil is Always Present


The veil is always present,
it’s right before your eyes.
Do you only chose to lift it,
during Samhain time?

The ancestors are always waiting,
to hear their name upon your breath.
Speak to them kindly,
and never once forget,

you hold their legacy within you,
it runs throughout your blood.
They echo in your heart beat
and in this way live on.

Spirited Crafted by Kayla Baboolal 2017 (c)

May the ancestors guide you as you embrace the darkness,
to find the light.

Yours, Shakti Shaman

8 thoughts on “The Veil is Always Present

    • 🙂 Thank you Matthew for taking the time to visit me and leave such a beautiful comment. I really appreciate the feedback xo! Have a great autumn, Thanksgiving (Canada is celebrating this weekend!) and Samhain/Halloween! All the good stuff!


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