Full Moon in Aries – Sovereignty, Freedom & Choice – Words of Wisdom from Ara, TheGoddessCircle.Net


Moon Blessings Soul Tribe!
I think one of the first things I should probably state is, I have no affiliation with Ara at all! Other than I LOVE her wisdom, and believe it should be shared and hope to help individuals who have not been lucky enough to cross her path, do so. (Photo art by: Daniel Eskridge, all rights belong to him.) That said, blog time!

Ara Wisdom, Part 1:
The Full Moon is occurring in Aries at 12 degrees on October 5 at 2:40 PM EDT.

The last few months we have been struggling against what we feel are our obligations and commitments, feeling what we perceive we must do instead of what we wish we could do. This has left us feeling trapped. The truth is we need to get to the marrow of what it is we want and let go of the burdens that have no benefit to our lives. We hear about clearing away all the time, but this is the bone deep truth. We need to let go already or be dragged. If we want to spread our wings and fly, we have to let go of everything that is weighing us down. It can be hard, but it is necessary

Musings by Me, Part 1:
I received this newsletter update from Ara’s website on Monday, and it provided me time to think on it. Most of my work deals with cross-roads. As I have said, I believe we live at the crossroads, and that in the spiritual/magical community, we limit the energies of this space as it appears so often in our daily lives. Anytime a decision is to be made, we are at a crossroads. Some are small and won’t have huge ripple effects, others a little bigger, and some can completely change our position in the world. I have been sitting at one particular crossroads for a very long time… do I go public with my offerings? Living between jobs, as I have been the past few years has made things tight. My obligation to pay down my debt versus paying minimum requirements and funding the Fireside Witch Apothecary (or Dispensary.. not really sure yet), has left me setting up camp at this particular crossroads. I have an obligation and a commitment to both myself and my mom, to be practical and stay the course, all discretionary income should go to debts… I truly believe I can do both, but it will take so much sacrifice, especially if there is no interest in what I offer. My path is so different from most… it may be of interest from a distance, but would anyone want to truly walk it with me… as with deeper crossroads… you stay there long enough and day turns to night and shadows come out to play. Fear. Fear of failure and of success. And that’s just the tip of the iceburg…..

Ara Wisdom, Part 2:
This Moon is calling to us to take back our crowns of sovereignty and our staff of leadership with courage and passion. This is a time of reclaiming our independence and trusting in our strength and ability to move our path forward. We need to trust in our medicine, our gifts and our purpose. The time has come to open your arms to your passions and to what you are being called to bring into being. You have the ability to change your world immensely when you embrace the truth of all that you are and Aries tells you that the time has come to do just that.

Musings by Me, part 2:
The energies of this moon speak to my middle world journey, and the core energy of Wolf within my Spiritual DNA. Wolf reminds me of my obligation to my pack, yes that means the practical, but it also means the spiritual. I will be spending this Full Moon preparing myself through ritual pujas, Planetary Alignment and Kalash, and then taking my first step by preparing my first Tribal Batch of my favorite crossroads incense cone/tea/bath blends for the pop-up store… for I don’t know if it will be fall, winter or spring, but it WILL pop-UP! These energies speak specifically to the flow of Finding the Calm within the Strom, that MOMENT OF CLARITY, to VENTURING INTO THE SHADOWS to determine what obstacles you are placing in your own way, to OPENING THE ROAD which will allow you to finally journey your path. It’s the first step, and I’m excited! It will take time, but each journey begins with that first step of commitment….

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Full moon blessings, whether it be in gratitude, fulfillment of manifestation energy, or planting of new intentions for removal and regrowth, or rebalancing your energies (don’t forget my Holistic Moon Post!)  – I hope you reap the bounty from your efforts.

As always, may your ancestors guide you as you embrace the dark, to find the light, and live in balance. xox Kayla B, your Shakti Shaman


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