Welcoming the bones home : Ritual for Totem healing and release.

Preparing for an intimate journey with Roe Buck : Skull Connections

In the spring I acquired my first animal skull. It was a purchase, as urban shamans are not as likely to come across such offerings naturally. But even if you purchase animal energy through bones, feathers, skins or other…. It does not mean it no longer hold the spirit of that kindred. It does mean, it should be treated with reverence and respect.

When I joined IG this past December, one of the first things that came into my feed were these beautifully carved Roe Buck skulls. I knew I would be working with one of these skulls. I contacted Rachel, the artist, and asked about the providence of the skulls. While I do believe in hunting as our ancestors did, with respect for the kill and honouring the creature by working with all aspects of its life, I have a hate on for game hunters, who kill solely for sport and for showing off the animal like trophies. This is a pointless kill. With no honour or respect for the animals soul or their own.

Rachel advised that the skulls come to her from Poland, and they are from traditional hunts for consumption. That said, we can’t know for sure her supplier is speaking truth, nor can we know that the kill was done with reverence and respect for the Deer. For this reason I have prepared a very important ritual to welcome this true Animal Spirit home.

After a practical mundane bath, I have surrounded him with crystals and light and prayers. Once I am able to obtain the blessing herbs I wish to work with, and the offerings I wish to make, I will be conducting a Forgiveness, Healing and Release ceremony on the New Moon in February, but alas, life happens, and this process was put on hold.

The Autumnal Equinox seemed the perfect day/night to prepare for this ritual. As a day of balance, it holds the energy of the between time, the time of the Roe Deer, and marks the threshold to the shadow times. I have created this post to outline the ritual, but I will also share this on YT to provide an example of how you can honour the workings of animals more directly in your practice!

I hope, if you are open to the journey, you will join me. That said, I do respect that some who journey with me are vegan, and this may be upsetting for you. I understand. It is your calling, and you must honour that, as much as I do mine.

I can feel his energy. I will honour our connection.
Namaste and Blessed Be

In Service, Shakti Shaman


Welcoming your bones home :
Forgiveness, healing and release ceremony

I hold within my arms a blessed child of Creation
I know not what ending you faced,
And I pray it was in peace.

If you were forced to cross before your time
Through violence and the ignorance of man
I bow before you, and humbly ask for your forgiveness.

Here, at the crossroads, the space between life and death.
I call to the Great Spirit, Mother of All
to open her arms and heart in welcome of her child.

Here, within this sacred space, I offer you solace and sanctuary.
May we commune in healing and forgiveness.

Through these waters may your wounds be cleansed and purified
Through these herbs may your wounds be healed and fortified.
Through this offering may your spirit be sanctified.

Your soul is set free in peace and love to roam the planes of the spirit realm.
To be feed by the tall grasses of the other world
And your thirst quenched by its ethereal lakes and streams.

But know, that I offer you here, evermore, a sanctuary to visit me.
I remain every grateful for your wisdom, counsel and friendship.
Accepting your lessons, and learning from my mistakes.

With honour and respect, I remain your faithful companion.

Spirit Crafted by Kayla Baboolal
Shakti Shaman @ firesidewitch.com

There are many articles available on cleansing and consecration of wild harvested animal remains. As always, I highly recommend you visit:




Sister Roe,
I connect with you as warrior and healer,
As Shakti and Shaman.
For we share the energy for survival,
With the ability and willingness
To sacrifice for the higher good
In honour of those we hold to our hearts,
Within our sacred space.

You are the symbol of my independence, walking within your own realm, alone.
Yet you stand for your kin of the forest, in protection and strength.

As kindred, I seek your guidance and council
Through insight and healing, love, and life.

I ask that you walk with me between the shadows,
Help me to trust that I know the path.
That I may awakened and strengthen senses and sights

Show me how to be a warrior, with actions governed by grace and a gentle heart.

Spirit Crafted by Kayla Baboolal
Shakti Shaman @ firesidewitch.com

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