Full Moon in Capricorn – Awakening Deep Truth & Purpose – Words of Wisdom from Ara, TheGoddessCircle.Net

It has been quite awhile since I’ve ventured on to my website, a lot has kept me away, and may still, but when you come across beautiful wisdom, it has to be shared. Once again, I am awed and inspired by the timely wisdom of Ara from http://thegoddesscircle.net/

This full moon I am preparing a new batch of spiritual and holistic healing tincture brewings and oils, charging new and old crystal kindreds and keeping a watchful vigil over my fireweed seedlings while allowing the message of Ara and the grace of the Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, the Ancestors, Star Nations and Goddess to awaken my dreams and life to the messages meant just for me. May we each find our truths and may they lead us to our paths…. journey safe, always ~ xox Kayla B  your Shakti Shaman.



The Full Moon is occurring in Capricorn at 17 degrees on July 8/9 at 12:06 AM EDT.

This Full Moon is calling us to awaken as a time of initiation into our deepest truth has come. This is a time of self-realization and awareness of talent, purpose, self-worth and destiny.

This Full Moon is peeling back the layers and showing us what we may have forgotten. With so much rising in the last few months, we have come face to face with emotions, situations and people in ways we never thought we would. This Full Moon is bringing it all full circle and showing us in great detail some of the things we may have forgotten. This can be a path or answers you didn’t think were possible, some hidden feelings or some details that can remove blocks on your path ahead once and for all.
This can also bring the return of something that you thought was lost forever, whether it be a person, a relationship, an opportunity or an idea, that can have a great influence on the path ahead. It can come back in a very surprising way so keep your eyes open.

This Moon is reminding us of where we may have settled in the past and given up our boundaries too easily.

Capricorn wants us to remember that we deserve better and to move away from limiting relationships. Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn is still retrograde until the end of August, and this motion is showing us so much when it comes to our fears and insecurity in our relationships and our purpose on the planet. We have been face to face with our responsibilities and how it all pertains to our happiness in our world. We have sat with demons and danced with shadows trying to come to terms with how we want our life to be moving forward. When Saturn goes direct, it is going to be launching a great momentum forward for our futures in a very truthful way. What we walk now is the great purge before the forward momentum and when the Eclipse Doorway opens in a few weeks time, this energy is going to begin to shift things in very big ways.


10 thoughts on “Full Moon in Capricorn – Awakening Deep Truth & Purpose – Words of Wisdom from Ara, TheGoddessCircle.Net

  1. Hello beautiful sister!
    I’ve been so busy packing, purging the materialistic, and getting our house ready to sell, this is a welcome respite.
    I’m so glad you popped in to share. Ara always touches me deeply, as do you.
    I truly appreciate the (not always so) gentle reminders to check in with myself in ways I may have forgotten/let slip.
    The guidance from you both makes my heart smile and my soul ignite.
    I miss your posts. ❤
    So much love~

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Shelley! Wow you’ve had quite an adventure! I hope all went well with the sale and the move <3! Ara is such a pure and beautiful wisdom I just love her xo. I hope to get posts going here and in time back on YT but I am finally back on IG 🙂 I look forward to reconnecting and journeying together again soon! xo Kayla


    • Hi Gwen! Sorry for the delayed response, but I was so heart warmed by your comment and it was a beautiful surprise on my site 🙂 Awakenings are beautiful when they start… and the truth is, the process never completes and that’s what makes what follows a true adventure for a lifetime 🙂 Enjoy, and be safe xo Kayla


  2. girl, you cannot imagine how relieved I feel to have checked your site, seeing this relatively recent post. what with your absence on youtube, I’ve believed you to be dead for months! (object constancy throws me off like that. : ) ) my practice has expanded greatly since I last communicated with you through your comments. thank you for your beautiful videos, still. ❤ and blessings, stacey (peach schist)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Stacey, awe sorry love, didn’t mean to worry you at all! I did leave a ‘reply’ comment, I think last week on one of our YT comment threads to say hi and let you know I was active on IG again, and hope to be around on YT as soon as I can 🙂 Thank you for being such an amazing supporter of my journey and taking the time to travel with me 🙂 xo. Do you have an IG account we can connect on?


      • I don’t! my internet ambitions are minimal. please feel free to get in touch with me anytime though…I will figure out how to send a message to you, and i’ll be keeping an eye on your youtube account witchy missy!

        Liked by 1 person

      • You can always reach me through private messages on YT! 🙂 I’m not sure how many videos I’ll be doing. Honestly, there isn’t that much interest in them :), but I will definitely try to share my journey on it’s original platform… through this website! 🙂 I hope you have an amazing ancestral and shadow journey season! xo Kayla


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