Totem Spirit : Unlock The Medicine Of : The Roe Buck


Based on my experience in Banff, it became clear to me that deer medicine can act as spirit guides. The Stag I encountered in Banff was a spirit walker, able to guide me through dimensions, realms and veils. All deer are most active during the ‘between’ times, dusk and dawn, when the light is low, yet their vision is keen. They see into this space between time. Adding my grandmother’s teachings, animal guides can also be shamanic guides in shapeshifted form.  Something to keep in mind, and also in context.

While they are often seen in groups on protected grounds, the Roe deer are actually solitary and territorial creatures. Roe deer/bucks reside alone but will allow some overlap of territory between mates, and closest kin, for example the babies born to them within that year. Generally, they are quite and content in their solitude, teaching us self-reliance. Yet they do remain part of a larger community, reminding us whether or not you are content to be a solitary individual, you are in fact, and will always remain part of a larger community. When the need arises, there is someone there you can rely on.   While I have mastered the self-reliance (some say to a fault, as I don’t like to rely on others), I do have to work on realizing I am part of a community.

Despite their enjoyment of solitude, they are extremely adaptable to new environments. This teaching reminds us that circumstances may change around us, but the core of who we are transports with us, and remains a constant source of strength to reply upon.

Dispite their solitary and territorial nature, when it comes to their babies, they offer the lesson of unconditional love. . While the lesson here might seem obvious to those who were part of caring households, with attentive parents who nourished your body, mind and soul, for some, this connection might be the lesson they need the most. If you were raised, as I was, in a home with more violence than love, be reminded that you are part of a community where help and healing is available. More so, be reminded that you can self-love and self-nurture. You have the strength in you to do this. Awaken the parent within, and allow the child within room to finally grow into love and acceptance.

These beautiful creatures, although often considered prey by man and beast, are not easily subdued. Their keen senses allow them to pick up the movement, scent or sounds in their surroundings which are foreign. Their grace and agility then allow them to evade capture. At times we can become so fixated on what we hope to obtain, we get tunneled vision and in a sense trapped and in need of rescue, a solution. Deer Medicine reminds you to be ever vigilant, and to always be aware of alternative routes that can be taken to achieve the same goal, whether it be survival in life, of a concept, dream or other opportunities waiting to present themselves.

On a deeper level, their senses extend to the preternatural in how sensitive they truly are. Just as they see in the between time, they sense vibrational energy. Like a pebble in a lake extends out visible vibrations, movement on the ground extends out sound vibrations. Both types of vibrations can also be sensed by touch. Agile and quick to respond in body, but that is in response to a quick assessment of circumstances within their mind’s eye. The medicine lesson here speaks to psychic sensitivity and the gift to ready energy vibrations. It speaks to awakening your gifts and your awareness of all planes.

Deer also represent renewal, and i have to smile as I write this for the image that came to mind… like the phoenix who rises from the ash, never to truly die, the deer’s antlers shed, leaving behind the experiences etched into them of that seasons’ life and lessons, and then re-grows a new. Deer energy reminds me strongly of birch for this same sense of renewal and rebirth. I find it truly fitting that my celebration of Spring’s awakening (my off calendar version of Imbloc) coincides with the new deer medicine that will soon be entering my home.

With their sense of renewal, Deer Medicine brings into your life new possibilities. He opens doors of opportunities within your life.

In Service,
Your Shakti Shaman

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