Year Ahead 2017 – Spread No. 2

Energy of the Year : XI Strength
Shaman’s Month : January 21-February 20 : The Hierophant
Spirit Guide for the Year : Mother of Swords
Main (Monthly) Deck: The Wild Unknown


In continuation from the previous recap, the first 2 weeks found me fighting and recovering from pneumonia, but also back on track for my job search. Within the first week of February I had another offer. This one to commence the first week of March, giving me 3 weeks to get in gear to embrace this month’s energy.

Within this shamanic month the Hierophant has been my companion and my guide. The guidebook spoke true when stating that my hunger for knowledge, especially that of a spiritual nature would be enchanced this month. Sure enough, with the time I have before my new job is to commence, I have been able to delve deeper into my spiritual workings and plannings for the global tribe offerings (store), but also my personal journey and what I need to do to prepare for that new role within my spiritual community.

Syncronicity has played a huge part in showing me that I am meant to work with Deer energy, not just this month but going forward as part of my community work. I believe this is part of the mentor energy the Hierophant was telling me to keep an eye out for. The guide book says to keep an out for a teacher, but we have to keep in mind in our world, these aren’t necessarily going to take on a human, or even corporeal form!

As you will see in the next few posts throughout this month, deer is a great energy to carry forward both in my spiritual endeavours and into my new job. Deer reminds me to be aware of my surroundings, and although they may be considered ‘prey’ they are still the kings of the forest, and quick to evade negative situations. The reason I believe this will be necessary comes out of the interview I had with the Managing Partner of the Firm. When your future boss clearly states in the interview that “the staff all think I’m a bitch”… you are being forewarned not just of the work environment, but of the personality and dynamics you will need to adjust to within this new tribe. I am hoping I can bring a balance to this new environment, and serve as a bridge between management and staff.

Some may consider this egotistical for me to say, and it definitely is not coming from ego, but from spirit… when you receive a card like the Hierophant, foretelling that a mentor or teacher is coming into your life, sometimes it may mean you are to take on that mantel yourself. I strongly see this being needed to deal with the situations I am sure to face in this position within my mundane career, but there is more to it.

On a spiritual side, I have been putting off rejoining the pagan community and working with other healing programs as a workshop leader because with all that has happened over the past few years, I am feeling physically drained. Spiritually yes I am ready, but physically no.

In looking at all three cards for this month, I think that the energy of the Strength card is there to pull me up and make me dig deep for the strength I need emotionally and physically to meet these challenges; the Mother of Swords is present to hold me accountable to my duties; and the hierophant card to remind me to take accept help while I prepare to take the lead.

I did take a quick peak at the card for the next shamanic month covering February 21-March 20th, and I fear my concerns about the work environment will need some careful tending to, but I’ll leave that for the 3rd month recap.

As always, if any of you work with the Wild Unknown, I sincerely welcome additional insight.

Kayla B – the Fireside Witch

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