Year Ahead 2017 – Spread No. 1

Energy of the Year : XI Strength
Shaman’s Month : December 21-January 20 : Mother of Wands
Spirit Guide for the Year : Mother of Swords
Main (Monthly) Deck: The Wild Unknown


I chose to participate in the Year Ahead for the first time this year due to the influence of a beautiful soul on YT, Patrick, of In the 78 Cards, whose link I will place below. I am not quite ready to share all my personal revelations or experiences, but will share what I can.

As many of you know, I have been seeking that elusive perfect (for me… for now… hard to say) job. While I have actually had several offers (that Kalash Puja has really been working), I have been really careful about which one I will accept due to past experiences, and because my new position must ensure room for me to begin serious work on my soul contract.

At the beginning of December I had secured a position that was to start in January. I truly believed things were looking up, but I have also realized over the past few years that The Ancient One (Goddess Mother)… will no longer allow me to accept a position which may take me away from fulfilling my soul contract. Some might say, the Universal forces had taken out the proverbial two-by-four to ensure I stayed on track. Time is running out for me on accomplishing all I was meant to. It is really hard to explain but it is clearly true. This will come back into focus at the end of the next few readings. For now, back to this month.

During the time of this month’s energy, I grew to understand why the strength card would be called upon. On December 25th my brother-in-law lost his father to cancer. My sister married her childhood sweetheart, and a sweet heart is truly is. When we were growing up, my parents were strict. Oddly, they were strict with us in different ways. Because my sister was a beautiful, flirty social bee, I was required to chaperon her on her dates. (Have I mentioned I’m the YOUNGER sister?) What they did not know was when she drove us to his house, I would stay and visit with his parents while they took off to the park, to do what bees do I suppose. But I always valued my elders, and really enjoyed doing crafts and cooking with his mother, and having conversations with his dad. They were European and it was a wonderful new world for me to explore.

Although, all these years later, I was nolonger close to his dad, I am still close to my brother-in-law and I value him deeply. As a result it pained me that he was going through this. While I am able to counsel strangers through loss, when it is someone close to me, I find it hard. I don’t have the “strength” to be there for them. This is of great disappointment to me as a healer and a spirit warrior.

This was further tested a few days later when I learned that a friend of ours from highschool that we served as bridesmaids for in her wedding, lost her second child. I won’t get into the details, but once again I was faced with the need to call upon the card of the year, “strength”, in a way that has always been hard for me. I believe because of my empathic nature, when I am closer to the persons in question, I can’t separate their loss from being my own.

Then I was hit with an extreme case of influenza which lead to pneumonia and needless to say, between the funerals scheduled the first week of my new job and then being out of commission for over 3 weeks with high fevers and illness, the job I finally accepted was long gone, and my hunt began again, but that takes us into month 2.

Reflecting back on all the occurrences of this first month, I believe the Strength card’s message for me was on focus, compassion and self-control. By harnessing these traits within myself, I can be there for others. The Spirit Guide for the year, Mother of Swords further reminds me that my family is my extended family, and that at all times my soul contract is to be in service to them.

By reacting personally, seeing the loss as my own, even if it was due to empathic connections, was counter-intuitive to my calling. I could have, and should have, been of greater service to those in my life.

The card of the shamanic month itself, the Mother of Wands was harder to interpret with respect to all that occurred during this month. Half of the month dealt with loss the other will my own illness. The only spiritual message I gleaned from the message in the card is that I will overcome the illness and trauma (loss of loved ones, and loss of the job before it even started). And that with my inner ‘Strength” and through “determination” and “grace” I will pull through this dark period.

If any of you work with the Wild Unknown, I sincerely welcome additional insight.

Kayla B – the Fireside Witch

Patrick’s YT Channel: In the 78 Cards


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