Moth Medicine : The South : Protection & Healing


As an empathic-energy worker, who walks between worlds, because I was born between them, I have always struggled with grounding and guarding. It’s why so much of my ritual work centers on this. On public transit, a shield can only last against so much, and constant negative energy/emotions being bombarded at you can affect your own energy and mood and ultimately health.

Grandmother moth has reminded me that I have been neglecting self-care and energy protection. Her legs and wings are covered with a feathery layer of fine hair that is remarkably sensitive to touch. Through these extensions of her body she can feel, smell, taste and even determine the temperature of the space she is in. She is a ‘sensitive’! She will often approach those with strong psychic and healing abilities to remind us that like her, we too are sensitives. Some through touch, vibrations, and yes scents and other energy formats, we can ‘read’ the energy around us.

This extends to sensing ‘truth’ in a situation. We can usually ‘sense’ something is not quite right… it can be a blessing and a curse.… some call us intuitive because of this. But we are at the base of it, interacting on some level, and in some way, with the energies of those around us.

Just as we take such care of our crystals we work with for healing, ensuring at the end of the day our companions who journey with us are cleansed and recharged, we have to remember to do the same for our main instrument of healing… our own bodies and minds.

In service
Shakti Shaman

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