Moth Medicine : The West : Accepting Love


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One aspect of moth medicine that may often go unnoticed is her freedom of love. I by no means mean to imply grandmother moth is promiscuous! However, there are many men and women who have issues opening themselves up to the concept of affection (from simple contact to more intimate matters), to risking connections and securing the grand prize of love.

Most people assume it is due to sexual abuse, but the truth is, any type of abuse can result in these obstacles. If you were constantly berated and your self-worth torn apart, it may make you feel unworthy of affection and love. If you were constantly compared to, or left in the shadow of a more favorable sibling, this can have the same affect. And yes, sexual abuse on any level, regardless if it happened once or repeatedly, can definitely play into the need for moth healing energy.  I have also found in working with women in healing, that abandonment, for lack of a better word, can also have this affect.  Being left for another can leave one with a very low sense of worth.

Grandmother moth opens herself to connections. She has powerful glands which secrete strong pheromones to attract her mate. I don’t believe she is telling us to be promiscuous, or spread free love, but she is telling us to open yourself up to contact, to stop hiding and allow your own beauty and power as women (and men) to shine through. I struggled with this, and still do. The reasons were multilayered and in time I will share them with you, but as some of the experiences involve others, not all the stories are simply mine to share alone.

What I can tell you is there is no miracle cure to abuse or abandonment.  I have accepted counseling decades ago when I was in my early 20’s and finally removed (for the most part) from the situation, on my own. It was a great experience, and I encourage others to seek professional assistance in getting on the right track. But even therapy can become a crutch. I am a warrior-healer, and I believe that you can’t have a victim mentality. You have to make the difference in your own life. It is by no means an easy task, but the first step is knowing you are worth it.

This aspect of grandmother moth comes through in the energies of the waters of the west. Emotions. Let the waters cleanse the energies, emotions and thoughts that hold you back. Sit in the stream and feel the currents pull them away. Then allow the moon’s glow to guide you out of the stream and into your strength. Allow her light to shine on you. Know you are loved, but most of all, love yourself.

I hope in time to share a variation on one of my bath rituals that I did for my Reiki Master Teacher with great success years ago, and have worked with since.  This one calls for a certain herbal healer which I hope to have available in the fall, but it will be worth the wait. I am in the process of working on a full meditation for YT  as well.

Final thoughts…

“The female moth is subtle in her scent, wafting out like a loving tendril pulling in her mate. She has no doubt about her ability to attract love (those pheromones are powerfully effective!). Us humans would do well to follow the same cue. We do not have to be overt in our advances to attract our mates. Rather, the art of subtle allure can be learned from the moth. ” – Ina Woolcott,

Most important, is the confidence to know you are worthy of love, but the discretion to find a mate who sees that worth as well. – Kayla B,

In Service,
Shakti Shaman.

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