Moth Medicine : The North : Shadow Work


Many may feel that the energy of moth and butterflies are quite similar. Having had the experience of raising a caterpillar to a butterfly as a child, and this year a moth larvae to flight, I can assure you, they aren’t. Nocturnal, they live by a different set of senses and roles.

When we enter Grandmother’s Moth’s world of darkness and shadows, we must rely heavily on our intuition and trust, adjusting our senses to accommodate this new world. When I walk in the shadow lands, I may not see my guides, but I sense them. I know that if I stumble, and take the time to secure my footing to journey alone, there is someone to catch me… that’s the faith of Grandmother moth.

In the day light, if we feel unsure for our safety, we can see other people around us. In the night, through the shadow lands, we have to rely a little more heavily on ourselves. If we sense another’s presence, there is no way to know if it is friend or foe. This is when we dig deeper and call to intuition and sensory perceptions such as clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and the like, to guide us. Trusting more heavily on spirit and our inner-sight than we may need to in the waking world. Moth provides the medicine to learn these traits within ourselves for they help guide us in the shadows.

Lessons Change With Time:

Before man’s invention of artificial light, Grandmother moth was guided through the darkness by one light, the moon.  As many of us know, the moon fuels our intuitive abilities, making this a beautiful pairing.  In a similar fashion, when I journey through the shadow lands, I hold within me a light source, a truth to guide me through the darkness with intuition and hope.

Then man invented artificial light. In modern times, there are a few sayings that have emerged, which paint this trusting, intuitive create as witless… “like a moth to a flame” is one of them. It implies moth blindly follows any light source to its own demise.

We have tampered with the natural order of this beautiful insightful creature who is programmed to trust the guidance of the Moon. There is only one true light source to guide her, Grandmother Moon.

Now, they are in a sense manipulate and fooled by modern man. I do believe, as with all totem animals, the lessons grow and involve as the world around the creatures change. There are many who will try to lead those of trusting natures astray. Grandmother Moth warns us to work with your instincts and find your own true inner light. There is only one source within the darkness to guide you. Find yours.

In service,
Shakti Shaman

6 thoughts on “Moth Medicine : The North : Shadow Work

  1. I was just thinking of you and this popped up. A great post, because moth reminds me of a quiet, subtle energy, very appropriate to finding our way in a world that is overly “loud” media driven world. Thank you Kayla.


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