In September I had the initially unsettling experience of wasps appearing (not in droves mind you) in the oddest places, such as in my apartment, which considering its height and location is odd, but odder still, I would look down and find them on me in the elevators!! I researched into their lives and spirit medicine and understood why. Not quite ready to share those findings…  My next journey was with Grandmother Moth.

Black Witch Moth & White Witch Moth – Pinterest – Photographers Unknown

The very next month, for about three in total, the same thing began to happen with moths! For the first time since I moved into my apartment I had moths flying around constantly in my apartment. In addition, two of the fall plants I purchased for my altar space had two larvae moths, which I was able to journey with as they entered into chrysalis stage. Knowing, or understanding, that they would need to be fly free soon enough, I secured the plants outside for their release into the night to be guided by Grandmother Moon and move bravely and surely into a new stage of life, a new direction and a new adventure…. Walking the journey with her… has been an amazing experience. When I was a young girl I journeyed with a monarch through the same experience, yet the energy was totally different. I know now as an adult it holds in the fact that moths are nocturnal, while butterflies are not. They are therefore, affected by different things during their lifecycle.

Clearly, I had some lessons to learn, while I very much wanted to share Wasp totem medicine, I feel her message is best to share next year, this year, my journey with you and our totem teachers will begin with Grandmother Moth.

In the long held past, I would hit the books and websites on totem spirits. While I found them informative, they didn’t provide the basis for the teachings. Our ancestors didn’t consult with books for this knowledge. The observed the lifecycles and lifestyles of the animals they coexisted with. My own grandmother had told me on various occasions that the changing of the seasons aren’t on a calendar, “watch the animals!”. So I started to take my lead there. I started to look at the life of the animal spirit that was calling to me. How they lived. What special traits they held to support their life cycle. ……………The best way to understand Grandmother Moth, is to understand her life cycle, the strengths that help her through her own life cycle, and therefore can help us through ours.

The type of moth will also affect the message. Most are familiar with the pale green Luna Moth, but did you know they are born without teeth?  Their soul purpose for the short period they live after transformation is to mate and pass on. Hence no teeth, they wouldn’t be around long enough to warrant them. You can see how this would lend itself to a unique message than that of another moth. My moths were regular house moths. But there is nothing regular about all the energy and lessons they can hold.

As spirit totem journeys are private, I spend enough time with grandmother moth in journey that after my lessons were learned, I spent time going back to visit her to learn more about her, for there is much to her medicine and magicks. The posts which follow over the next few days will focus on four very special aspects of general moth lessons and will take you around Her medicine wheel, from North to East, experiencing her journey to rebirth.

N: shadow-work
W: courage of heart
S: energy-protection and healing
E: new beginnings.

In Service,
Your Shakti Shaman


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