2017 Live your best selling novel!


Life’s journal is a onetime draft. Our story is made all the more interesting for the scribbles in the margins of ideas that may develop into chapters, or may become lost in a memory. It’s filled with sentences which are started, then abandoned as we get distracted by another moment in time… These false starts become the crossroads where we made a choice, took a direction. Then there are the sections we scratched out. Errors that we made, and then learned to correct. And finally, there is that that elusive word we keep trying to find. Something we just can’t recall, but know we were meant to do. The forgotten moments we didn’t even get a chance to record. These are the fleeting dreams that keep us moving forward. Keep us searching. Living. Our life’s journal is not a bullet journal… it’s not meant to be pretty and perfect…. it’s that first and only manuscript penned by a gifted author writing a story worth reading, a life worth knowing… your life, and whether you know it or not, it inspires others.

This year we all start out with resolutions, whether we state them out loud or feel driven and compelled to just make it happen. I find the latter hold the most power, because the source of the drive comes from within us.

For me, year is a continuation of a fire that was sparked at summer’s end 2016. My sister and her family returned from Vancouver and the kids purchased a small, perfect keepsake for me. It was crafted of wood, and burned with desire… okay fire, but that fire certainly kindled something within me. Designed by Aboriginal Tribes of Canada, it was a totem stone. Two hands, with energy swirls within the heart of the palm… the healing centers for any energy worker, shaman and witch. It was the most perfect gift.

With it, came a card, it listed 24 other totems. As I stared at the images, they lifted off the page as I moved into phase… an active trance of sorts… they grouped and formed power totems, messages for how we can live our lives and empower ourselves and others by revealing the energy frequencies of the totems we hold within us.

As I write my book for 2017, these totem stories and power frequencies will hold a sacred place within my journey, and hopefully, yours. This is the fuel that will keep me on track within all other aspects of my life… for all things tie into each other.

May all that you manifest be fueled by the desires of your heart, the strength of your character and the will of your spirit.

Namaste & Blessed be,
Kayla Alyssa

Your Shakti Shaman in Service.

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