T’was the night before Solstice : A gift from me to you!

This is a YT video that I created as a sort of ‘hallmark’ to my subscribers, but it most heartily extends to my whole online global spirit tribe, for you have all made such a difference in my life.  I have enjoyed sharing my journey, and have been honoured to be apart of yours.  The video is linked below, and includes images from my actual preparation for ritual and the community healing ritual I did this year for those I’ve meet online who have bravely shared their stories of abuse and recovery.  The warrior-healer is within us all.   I hope you enjoy….


 T’was the eve of the Solstice, And all through the night
The incense was cleansing to call in the light
The candles were waiting to greet the new dawn
And so was the cider to keep my thoughts warm!

My child of fur, name for this day,
Was snug in her blankets and cradled away.
With mug in hand I too settled down
For tomorrow the wheel continues a round

In a blink of an eye the alarm did sound!
And it was time to begin the ritual rounds.
It starts with gratitude for this day
OM, Blessed be, and Namaste

In humble anticipation I wait for the light
To dawn over the horizon and banish the night
On this Solstice Morning Hope is restored
For the cycle continues for one and for all.

With light in my heart and the power of will,
Through sympathetic magic I banish all ill.
Calling forth the sun’s fire to purify and cleanse
To transform negative memories and let healing begin.

From the ashes of the past, new hope shall arise
With the strength of fireweed standing by my side
Seedlings are blessed with the first dawn of hope
For a year filled with love and the ability to cope

For life is a lesson we learn from each day
May we walk it together and in each other’s lives stay
For you are my family of spirit and tribe
And I’d call you all by name, but your names do not rhyme!

So I shall exclaim as this video ends, Blessed Solstice to all,
My beloved YouTube friends.

(c) 2016 Kayla Alyssa Baboolal

5 thoughts on “T’was the night before Solstice : A gift from me to you!

  1. How absolutely magical! Your voice is so soothing and your words such gentle reminders to prepare for 2017. I have another week of “within” time I’m looking forward to, after celebrating with a beautiful dinner my love will make.
    Truly blessed to have crossed paths with you.
    May beauty, peace and love follow you into a Magical New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Namaste Shelley, I very much feel the same. I am so grateful for the spirit family I have found, and wish you and yours, only the best for 2017. It is a “1” year! Perfect to set and manifest new goals and directions, both within, and without 🙂 ❤ Blessed be Sister xo


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