The magic and wonder came first….


When I was a kid, our everyday life, when my ‘father’ was around (yes, he was my actual father, but I believe you earn that title, hence the quotes (:), our lives were filled with anxiety and tension. We never knew when he would Jekyll and Hyde on us and our home would be filled with violence and hatred. It was exceptionally rare for you to find a photo, a ‘family’ photo, where I was smiling. When he wasn’t around, my mom tried, so hard. And between her and her family, I was able to understand what support, love and hope should be.  But it was not a constant presence, I had to do my part to hold on to that hope.  It was like I lived in the dark half of the year, but I never gave up faith that there would be a day when the light in my heart would awaken, for good.

Holidays, were the worse. Many complain that holidays generally never go as planned in any family, but I sincerely hope fear was not apart of your gatherings. While I won’t share all the stories yet, as they aren’t just mine to share and affect others, I will share this… Because of my mom’s family, and their never ending belief in us, and a little magick born within my own spirit, during the Winter, when the twinkle lights came out, and the stories of snowmen coming to life, reindeer that could fly, and a truly giving Father of Winter who loved and believed in the beauty and goodness of children, came to life… it all helped me to believed in the best magic of all…. hope.

As a kid, I ignored words like commercialism associated with that magic. There was still an innocence to it in my heart, and I’ve never given up on it. As friends and family got older, there seemed to inherit their parents jaded view of this season. That magic and wonder was replaced with views of commercialism. The beauty of giving, replaced with the greed of receiving. And regardless of what spiritual path you followed, the truth of the Hope of the rebirth of the Light, all of that, seemed to fade into the darkness of winter.

This season, as the night’s lengthen, don’t allow your mood to darken. Instead, allow the feeling of that hope of the light’s return guide you with a build up of hope, into the light of the new year.

Every year, I embrace the magic of the season. I curl up with hot cocoa, with whip cream of course!, and open up my ‘kids’ Christmas movie collection, curl up under the covers in front of the twinkling tree lights and allow the kid, who held all that hope, to finally have her magical Winter Solstice dreams, and embrace the Peace and Hope of the Season. I watch for the Winter Fae and leave offerings to them and their charge, the animals of winter. I burn away the pain, and allow beauty to come forth from the ashes as I plant new seeds of hope for the new year. I fill my ‘cauldron of giving’ at my front door, a pull a ‘gift’ each morning to share with strangers that day, from encouragement, a smile, a courtesy, a meal.  I BELIEVE in the light within me, AND, the light within others..

I encourage you to act your age this year… what does this mean?
It means don’t forget the lessons of being a child. Build on that magic and bring it into the adult that you are. It is my Winter Solstice wish for you.

Namaste, and blessed Yule… Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukha and much love and joy to all the celebrations around the world and the traditions born in your family and within your hearts.

Let us include all with love and kindness.

Kayla Alyssa,
your Shakti Shaman in service at FiresideWitch.Com

7 thoughts on “The magic and wonder came first….

  1. Love the ‘cauldron of giving’ as a reminder to walk out the door in love and light each day. Blessed Yule and magical New Year Wishes to you my beautiful, wise sister. ❤

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