New Moon in Sagittarius : Deep & Direct Truth, words of wisdom from Ara at TheGoddessCircle.Net

As the my favorite time of the month approaches and I prepare my final steps into the Dark Mother’s Embrace, I seed myself this New Moon as the instrument of my own intentions and New Beginnings. My anointing ‘oil’ will be the vibrational energies of the Archer as I slip into her mantel and take aim into a new direction in my life.

Over the past two months, I have been working deeply with moth medicine and teachings, and as I near the final stage of my reawakening from the shadow journey we took together, I am feeling this call to the light, to the living… like a moth to the flame as they say, I am ready to emerge from within, and allow the light yet to come to burn away doubt, fear and insecurities within me which have held me back from my goals and allow my arrow to fly… I may hit my target, I may miss, but there are always more arrows to forge and more attempts to be made!

My journey with moth has progressed perfectly to this stage of New Moon energy. I am excited to share this journey with you over the next month and give you ideas on working with moth energy.

For now, I am excited to once again read the wisdom of Ara at The Goddess Circle. As re-posted directly from Ara’s newsletter, I encourage you to visit her site and partake of her warmth, positivity and beautiful, authentic strength. – Much love on your journeys into the New Moon, Shakti Shaman

Sagittarius New Moon November 29: Deep & Direct Truth

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The New Moon occurs at 7:18 pm ET on November 29 at 7 degrees in the sign of the Archer, Sagittarius bringing us into the energy of deep and direct truth.

Sagittarius wants us to reclaim our truth and our voices. This to-the-point energy holds nothing back and can be a big wake up call in many areas of our lives. It can show us where we’ve been putting things on pause for too long and where we need to pay attention.

Sagittarius is bringing us a strong, un-ignorable lust from our spirit for deep truth. This is a powerful time to start things that aid you in living the authentic life that you have been craving.

You have been releasing what was and now the time has come to create the reality that you wish to live. The hunger in your belly is for truth; bringing yours to light, living it and bringing conscious authenticity to your relationships.

As you have traveled the depths and the shadows, your eyes have become accustom to the darkness. There is nothing hidden from your sight anymore. This is a call to trust your intuition and the whisper you hear within. This is a time for living from your gut, from your core knowing, and giving light to the voice within.
Venus is squaring Uranus today bringing a focus to our relationships in terms of where we are ready to let go of the old and begin anew. Uranus brings to our attention where we are at odds with our relationships because of past threats and beliefs to our freedom, our voices and our truth.

This aspect can bring separation to places where things have been over for awhile. Venus reminds us to listen to the truth of our heart and to really tap into what we authentically want. With the truth of the New Sagittarius Moon offering intense clarity, this is a powerful time to search our seas as to what we authentically want moving forward.
This is your time. Listen to your heart and take aim on your path.

New Moon Blessings,
Ara, GoddessCircle.Net

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