The Holistic Moon


When we learn about the moon we are told she has cycles: Full, Waning, New and Waxing. Seems pretty cut and dry! So why could I never truly grasp this concept as it has been dictated to us ‘on book’ for years? Because it isn’t, at least to me, quite so cut and dry.

The first thing that seemed odd to me is that the Full Moon seems to be credited with being ‘full’ of feminine power and all the energies that come with that distinction. Definitely emphasized more so than the Dark or New Moon…. She is definitely more visible, and she wakes me up every night as she passes any window I’ve ever slept under … but, when the moon grows from New to Full, her energy is partnered with Grandfather Sun, for it is actually his light that we are seeing. He illuminates her.

So while most embrace the Full Moon as a time of high feminine energy and power, I find it is a great time in my spiritual workings to do work for balancing or stabilizing situations. For gratitude. For working on/with embracing duality within. Embracing the “masculine” and “feminine” principles (as it were) within myself.

This might also be why I feel a stronger connection to my Shakti energy during Dark and New Moon! It is at that time that Grandmother moon holds her own. She is there, feeding us with her pure energy. It is perhaps the one time of the month when it is only pure Lunar Energy radiating from the night sky, for the sun surrounds us by day, and reflects his energy into the world by night, until the Dark and New moon, when it is just her.

The moon is one of our Spiritual Celestial Ancestors. We refer to her as Grandmother, Mother and at times embrace the innocence of her as Maiden…. Each of these ‘stages’ of her progression hold so much more than the definition of a single word and our magicks and healing works should reflect that duality within her.

When we speak of the phases of the moon, they descriptions are based on the visible spectrum of the moon within the night sky. But as with all things, there is more than meets the eye. As the moon begins to wax, it is radiating more solar energy into the night, and as she wanes, she is radiating more lunar energy into the night.

Going a little deeper, we also know that energy can’t be created, simply transformed. As you destroy you must create, as you create you must destroy. For nothing comes from nothing. It is both a spiritual/magickal and scientific reality. That transition means that she is always in flux. Both waning and waxing! Work with her as a holistic spiritual being!

Below is a basic and commonly found moon phase magickal intention image (found on Pinterest) showing the phases and the generally accepted actions recommended during the different cycle of the moon.  Let’s take things a little deeper, shall we 😉


By moving some of the words around, and always remembering the Moon is a Whole entity to be respected holistically, you can deepen your journey with lunar workings and strengthen your ritual offerings and intentions.

Within the purest lunar light of New Moon we plant our seeds of intentions. I do this through a Shakti shamanic ritual I crated based on a Kalash Puja and through a Numi Flowering Tea Ceremony depending on my workings at the time. The moon begins to reconnect with solar energy as she moves into the crescent stage.

Traditionally the Crescent moon, ¼ light, is a time equated to taking supporting actions to help nurture the intentions you planted. But there is still ¾ rich dark transformational energy, or pure lunar energy, available to us during this time. How will you work with it? Maintain the balance?

Essentially you are taking ¼ of the shadow energy of the moon and transforming it into the spark of a new creation, but the energy you are drawing from, is the fullness of a new moon. It is a kin to watching the cycle of a plant. From a seed it grows within the earth, within the dark… it actually reaches into the soil (or soul!) to root before it begins to journey into the light (manifest in the ‘mundane’ world). As you can see, the shadow or dark half of your journey does not always have to mean destruction. When it does mean destruction… it then provides energy for rebirth. When we do allow something to pass on, it decays, and that ‘death’ in turn provides nutrients to the earth, or the release of one energy within us, our lives, into a different form, a new birth. It provides the fertile ground for that seed to take hold in.

So once the light of the moon becomes visible again, do not neglect the rich dark strength of the dark moon still within the night sky. She is supporting your endeavours!


Crescent : ¾ new-shadow : Nurture – Crescent : ¼ full-light : Support
As you work within the transformational energy of the new moon, remember that your seed has been taking root, most of the work is still being done in the ‘shadows’, be patient with yourself, your project and goals as you grow ‘within’ first, and then start to push up towards the light, testing the waters. Take a peak and see if you planted that seed on the right road, at the right time. Is the seedling sprouting too much in the wrong direction than you intended? Redirect… from within.

First Quarter : ½ full-light : Action – First Quarter : ½ new-shadow : Release
As you continue your actions to build on the momentum of growth, take stock of what energy is still blocking that growth. Are you holding yourself back? Are their lingering doubts or insecurities that are causing stagnation within your seeded intentions? Transform and release it. Find the balance.

Gibbous : 3/4 full-light: Development & Sharing – Disseminating (1/4 new-shadow) Reaping & Evaluation
Taking elements from both the Gibbous and Disseminating moon for both are present together, I reassigned the energies between them. As the moon hits the Gibbous you are almost at full development, and you can begin to share the rewards of your energies and efforts with the intended persons or aspects of your life.

Full moon is full strength lunar and solar energy. I use this time to offer gratitude and to embrace and acknowledge the duality within. But it is also a time where the process or release begins. Just as in new moon, when we begin the seeding process, this is generally viewed as the point of full abundance, or more so, fulfillment of your goal. What happens next? Because the Full Moon is so highly connected with fulfillment, I think it places people in a mental down turn once it passes. It shouldn’t, for you then begin the journey into the Disseminating Moon…

What if your goal didn’t magically manifest at the point of Full Moon? What then? Well, realistically that seed planted on the New Moon is the only certainly, it may take several moon phases to fulfill that goal, so continue to work with the ‘waning’ energy with the intentions of growth! After all, the new moon has just been born within the Disseminating Moon. This is the perfect time to evaluate the growth that you have obtained, and determine what energy is not being utilized to the best results.

We too often condemn the energies of the waning moon for removal. But it can truly be a time for growth. As noted, after all this is when the seed of the New Moon is planted, as the New Moon begins to grow into its dark fullness, work with that energy to add ‘shadow’ or ‘soul’ work, deep intention and transformation from within. I will admit, it is so hard to express what I mean…

The most important message in this post is to remember that our Celestial Ancestors are like any ancestors, full beings and just like us we should approach our workings with them from a Holistic and balanced view. So when you see Grandmother moon smiling her Crescent smile in the night sky, picture Grandfather sun kissing her lips and calling forth that smile. But remember too, that she still holds her womanly secrets and potential still to unfold within the darkness that is just for her… and those of us who walk with her in the darkness.

Blessed be.


8 thoughts on “The Holistic Moon

  1. This is quite in-depth. Interesting to read. I personally don’t focus my magickal workings on the moon cycle much except for during the full moon. That is because I perceive the full moon as a peak energy time. The tides are higher, animals are howling, and people seem to get more worked up (police are said to get more calls during the full moon).

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    • Actually this reply is perfect! It sort of speaks to the message I mean to get across 🙂 The Full moon is more noted for the pull of the tides and effect on individuals, but the New Moon has the same affect on the tides and people. The only difference is the sun isn’t illuminating her then. My mom worked as a nurse in the ER and can attest to mental effects both Full and New Moon can have. Sometimes when something is more subtle in view we underestimate it’s strength and power. I feel this way about the Dark and New Moon 🙂 Thank you for reading it, I know it was a rather long post! And for taking the time to share your journey with respect to Grandmother Moon 🙂 Blessed be Rose xo

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      • Awe, that is such a positive and encouraging comment, and I thank you for it! I am working on a legacy book to leave in my will for my nieces and nephew, and have given thought to a book to share with my spirit tribe, but that’s what the website is for 🙂 I appreciate that you appreciate it! 🙂


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