The Holistic Night – a Land of Totem Lessons and Learning


As most of you might have realized by now, I am more attuned to the moon – especially the dark/new energy, the fall and winter… I don’t see these times as dreary, or dark or depressing…. I see them as a safe haven, a place and time between times to reconnect with myself, to reflect on my actions… the good, bad and ugly…. To acknowledge my truths in all those aspects. To drop the masks and truly SEE me. And then… to work on the healing I need.

Without realizing it, we embrace this type of energy and mood when we are looking to create sanctuary, ‘me time’. As we begin to create our sacred space, whether it is for ritual or mediation or healing and baths, we lower the lights. Maybe use candles only. We wrap the dark around us like a cozy blanket, a sacred circle for one.

When we venture into meditation, we close our eyes… we embrace the nothingness, the darkness. And in that space we begin to see with our minds eyes the things that are washed out in the light of day. It’s like looking at a black and white photo versus a colour one. They both have their merits, but I always find the details that you see, that you can find, within a black and white photo reveal so much more.

Yet when we ‘think’ about the dark… we cringe… well some do 😉

We feel that there is too much unknown in the dark… so get to know it!
There are many animals who we turn to in our shamanic or witchy or pagan paths that are nocturnal. We recognize their wisdom and lessons but we can’t truly associate with them until we embrace their path. Accept the night as a place were life continues to live. There are plants that only bloom under the energy of Grandmother moon. Birds who only take flight at night, keeping a watchful eye out for us, while we close ours in trustful slumber. There is life still being lived as our day ‘comes to an end’. And it is beautiful.

I hope to spend some time with these totems this winter – be they from the plant, animal or mineral kingdoms, and I hope you will come back to visit us as you journey through the dark half of the year. My first post will be on the most iconic totem of the night: Grandmother Moon 

Namaste and blessed be…
Living life in balance and In Service
Shakti Shaman

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