Supermoon in Taurus – Words of Wisdom from Ara at GoddessCircle.Net

As the supermoon begins to approach Her full splendor, I have, as always, been awoken as her beams pass across my windows.  Always in my dreams as a child, she continues to call to me… As her light touches upon my third eye chakra, I heed her call and awaken. Ritual begins 3:45 a.m..  The energy of this supermoon also speaks to my astrological sign as Taurus, and I am excited to read the wisdom of Ara at The Goddess Circle once again.

As posted from Ara’s newsletter, I encourage you to visit her site and partake of her warmth, positivity and beautiful, authentic strength.


Taurus Full Supermoon November 14: Rooted in Truth, Destiny is Calling

The Full Super Moon rises November 14 at 8:52 am Eastern Time at 22 degrees Taurus bringing us the closest Supermoon since 1948.
The Moon won’t be this close and bright again until 2034.

What does this mean for us? Supermoons bring an intense energy to our usual Full Moon lunarscape bringing huge illumination, clarity and insight. This Moon is giving us xray vision and nothing is hidden from our sight right now especially what is going on deep within ourselves.

This Moon isn’t letting us pull the wool over our eyes or our hearts anymore when it comes to settling, playing small or accepting less than we deserve. It’s also not letting us get away with swallowing our feelings or passions and hiding them away any longer. This Moon is making everything impossible to ignore.

In the light of this Moon, we’re getting penetrating insight into the future and seeing things in authentic truth. We are seeing both what we are wanting to create if we follow our dreams and what the future may look like if we settle.

Taurus reminds us that we can build the path forward any way that we want one step at a time, so don’t sell your future short. Tap in authentically to the truth of what you want. Destiny is calling and the time has come to listen. Nurture the growth of your desires, dreams and goals one breath at a time and you will have the life that you wish for.

This Moon is tuning us deep into illuminating the unseen and to what is happening beneath the surface of our lives. This is a connection to what is unspoken within us, to our unanswered desires, our fears, our secrets, our hopes and our wishes for what is yet to come.

Full Moon Blessings,
Ara at GoddessCircle.Net

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