LIMEN – LATIN FOR “THRESHOLD”. Part 1 – My Journeys


A liminal deity is a god or goddess in mythology who presides over thresholds, gates, or doorways; “a crosser of boundaries”. (wikipedia). Magical thresholds are not just limited to crossroads and do not just lead to the ancestors. They are spiritual/magickal portals that allow us to journey beyond this earth walk, this space and time, to gain healing, wisdom and answers.

Before introducing you to some of our spiritual ancestors (deities) who stand guard at the thresholds, or crossroads of time and space (see part two)… we need to understand what these metaphysical places are and how they can relate to our lives, both mundane and spiritual. I can only speak for my definition, but as many of you have inspired me to think outside the books, I hope I can offer you a little of that here.

For me the journey to and through a threshold does not begin with a physical space, but a mental one…. at times even an emotional one. It begins with each major decision I have to take in my life. And this year my life has been filled with them.

From the decision to open my spiritual world up to YouTube and share very intimate aspects of my practice in a very public way, to rejoining the FB community (still at a crossroads there) … Yet another crossroads I am still stalled at is the decision to open up my spiritual workings to a more online-global community through an online store and the time and investment it will take. How will it be received? Will it be accepted? Will I be accepted? I’ve been rather safe and cozy within my local community for the past few decades… stepping beyond the ‘borders’ to a new global tribe is a huge step to take… at yet another crossroad. Not easy decisions, and each has positive and negative outcomes weighing heavily on me.

Then there has been my year long search for the right job which will allow me to support my mundane and spiritual goals for the upcoming years and the subsequent choices/crossroads of having to make the decision whether or not to relocate to find a job, or move to accommodate a drop in salary.

In the end I took a 20K pay cut to remove myself from a toxic environment which was sapping my energy and using up personal time I would prefer to dedicate to my path. But the other side of that decision is less funds to put towards the start of my online apothecary to reach my global spirit tribe with my offerings.

Decisions…. When we stand at those crossroads we may know some of the choices, but yet some have still not been revealed to us.  This is when we select a road that is truly a leap of faith. Further, while we can see the start of each road, each path, there are shadows and bumps and roadblocks or detours along each one that are yet unknown… more crossroads… which do we take?

Each choice we face places us at these crossroads. It’s not about making deals with the devil (especially since he isn’t part of the pagan paths) and it’s not always about reaching beyond the grave to the spirits we seek communion with. The journey to the crossroads, for me at least, has most often dealt with seeking guidance and council for the direction my life is taking in the mundane world through acts of ritual, we are pagan after all :).

But it also is where I go to for shadow work. Not to a liminal crossroads, but to a liminal threshold. For these god/desses (spiritual ancestors) guard and guide us through and over all boundaries.

In the Land of Forgotten Dreams.

When entering the threshold within, I seek none of my spiritual ancestors for guidance, just support. The journey has to be my own. I venture into the darkness of my own spirit to learn and heal. This crossroads is formed using my spiritual sigil which is a crossroads comprised of a spirit line and earth line. Where they meet, I enter within. There is no need to ask permission to any of the liminal deities, for it is my own threshold from the ego to the higher-self. The journey within.

The shamanic aspect of my existence, for it is more than a path, calls me to work with a very different type of Liminal Spirit during these workings, that of the Plant kingdoms, for we too often forget the spirit which resides within our kindred of plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. Through communion with flowers, herbs, roots, resins and berries I strengthen my resolve and allow myself access across the barrier of self. They serve as my portal keys and aid me in preparing for flight and journeys through ritual of intentions from my pre-ritual bath, to the tea or elixir I consume, the incense I burn and the oils I anoint my energy bodies with.

I am looking forward to sharing more on the process with you this year, and learning from your experiences in return. This is where my crossroads now lead…. within.

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