The Veils…


The ties are released and the curtain closes…. the veil prepares to seal… or does it?

For many who walk along the various pagan paths there is a beautiful build up to the powerful night of October 31st. For most this night is known as the Celtic New Year, Samhain, for other’s like myself, it is the night of the Ancestor’s Feast, and is often followed by the beautiful deeply felt cemetery celebrations of Dias de los Muertos…. By whichever name you call it, it is the night the veil thins and our connection to our ancestors is most accessible, most open to us. We are gifted once again in May with another such significant time.

But what about the between times?

The veil is most thin, yes, during Samhain and Beltane, but it is always accessible to us all year long, and can take us to visit more than just our ancestors, for the veils stand between our dimension, and the many others that surround us.  And… lead within us. As witches, shaman and pagans of various paths we are aware of this. More so, we are aware of the various ways to cross these thresholds.   We fly the hedges, trance through the dimensions by the various methods of shamanic journeying, or entering through the crossroads.  My way combines the beauty of most of these offerings and I hope to share a few more with you this year.

As I close my ancestral feast altar, and lovingly wrap my mama’s and papa’s belongings into their sacred box to place with care on their memorial altars, I mentally prepare for my next journey through a very different veil.

It is time to enter the crossroads, within. It is time to travel through the veil of shadows.
This is my most personal time of the year. It is when I journey within to find my own truths, take ownership of my own errors and allow myself to heal.

I don’t view the shadow work like most seem to. If you have read my posts over the years on this process you understand this, for new journeyers, I will explain, briefly.

Many believe that shadow-self is where we hide the ‘faces’ of our personality we are ashamed of: anger, jealousy, bitterness, fear, uncertainty, etc. I do believe this is part of it, at times, but I also don’t view ‘negative’ traits as ‘shadow traits. It is not the adjective that is ‘negative’, but at times, how we chose to express it. This is where freewill… choices, are made.  I often find that these negative ‘traits’, meaning the actions that define them, are not hidden in the shadows as we move through society, but are defensive masks used to protect or hide our more vulnerable aspects.  Lost aspects.  Shattered aspects.  Hurt aspects.  If you have visited my home tour for the holidays, you will note that masks are present throughout the year in my home.  They are a constant reminder of my journey within and play a vital role in the final stages of my shadow rites.

The link below is one in a series of articles I wrote in 2014 to try to express my thoughts on this subject… I thought I would begin this shadow time with a re-introduction to the positive aspects of what shadow work can reveal, and the directions it can encourage you to take.  It’s all a matter of perspective.

The Shadows… Our dark side?…. Maybe not.

Should you journey to the shadows, by hedge, crossroads or trance, journey safe.
I am with you in spirit, and support you always.

Shakti Shaman

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