The Unknown Ancestor – A Wisdom Keeper Worth Meeting

T’is the season to remember…. As the veil thins and those we love come to mind, I thought it was a good time to do a re-blog to remember those who stood alone, Let spirit feel unloved, unremembered or unworthy. Namaste

The unknown ancestor… a wisdom keeper worth meeting
You are remembered, one and all.
Your journey continues through this witch’s call.

I recently purchased a wonderful Oracle Deck called “The Wisdom Keepers”, and the images upon the cards inspired me to think beyond the traditional call to the ancestors that I have done for decades.

I dedicate this post to the Wisdom kept within the stories of the
Unknown Ancestors.

I truly believe that in all things and in all ways, we are connected. Our ancestry extends beyond the blood line we carry within this earth walk, for our soul – or spirit, is a spark from the beginning of time, as we have traveled with Creation through Her multitude of universes, and planes of existence. In this way, we are our own ancestors, but more so, we are all connected.

When we call to the ancestors, we tend to focus…

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