Little Choices – Big Difference

Helping a new friend sustain an existence worth living. (Video below!)

Like many pagans, there is a double edged sword to our existence. Not materialistic by nature, we make a living that sustains us, but it requires choices and sacrifices. I can either save up and take a vacation, OR I can purchase supplies for healing and spiritual practices and making a cozy sanctuary of a home, for me, my furry daughter…and my fuzzy little new friend.

Don’t get me wrong! I would love to, and dream of taking trips, but I could not live without my spiritual practice. However, this is why I love making friends with individuals who can afford to travel, I get to live through their wonderful experiences, which can truly be quite life changing and therefore spiritual within their own right.

Until I am in a position to travel, I will continue my quite existence as a dedicant, making little choices with hopefully big differences in someone’s world.

This is just a very small example of just such a choice…

Blessed be.


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