Ancestral Call Prayer – Herbs – Far East

My spiritual journey holds a deep respect for the healings and teachings gifted to us from our Planet Family.  When creating any spiritual or healing workings I call to their energy, the life force and gifts within their sacrifice through prayer.

A journey with the Ancestors to offer blessings,
And seek direction and guidance.

White lotus you are the essence of the first,
the Ancient one whom gave us all birth.
I awaken my 3rd eye to your visions,
linking me through space and time to the wisdom of the ancestors

Sandalwood, you offer sacred space to the ones I call to me.
Nourish their spirits, protect their essence,
And awaken my senses to their messages

Guggul, you hold the energy of Mama,
the ancestors walk within your energy,
and therefore with me,

Jasmine, you connect me to the hearts that beat within mine.
Blood to blood I call to thee
my ancestors of wisdom, love and peace.


Shakti Shaman


Originally Spirit Crafted by K.Baboolal (c) 2016

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