Goddess Circle Re-Blog – Libra Black Moon

Additional wisdom from Ara at the goddesscircle.net. A wonderful soul with authentic wisdom to share. I have a passion for the Dark/New Moon and recently did a post at the beginning of September on how to work with the amazing energy that comes from a Black Moon Month. This occurs when there are two Dark/New moons within a month. This year this energy is found in both September AND October, as the New Moon energy last 3 days and carries into the 1st of October as well. Below is some more information on the Libra Black Moon from Ara. ` Many blessings as you venture into the shadow half of the year. Shakti Shaman.

Libra Black Moon
We are only days away from a the powerful and potent Libra Black Moon. We have been experiencing a lot falling away in the last few months, and it has been ramped up during the weeks leading up to the Black Moon. Old patterns, beliefs, relationships, thoughts and situations are being exposed to our eyes with extreme clarity. Even though much of it has been hard to see, we have opened our eyes and we will never be able to close them to this newfound truth again.
This is a time of transformation.
Like the Phoenix sets fire to the nest that it once built, so we must burn what no longer serves us as the catalyst for what will become.

This Black Moon is bringing us supercharged intention setting energy and gifting us with the second chance to get it right. We are being asked to look at resetting our goals in the direction of our dreams, not putting what we want on the back burner any longer.

Want to dive deeper into the effects of the Black Moon, the Retrogrades and the astrological skies with Ara of The Goddess Circle? Sign up for The Astro Forecast for daily guidance and insight: http://www.goddesscircle.net

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